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Streets: Banksy – Robbo Tribute

Banksy is back to the London streets, with a tribute to King Robbo, at the exact same spot that started the controversy (covered here) two years ago. In a sign of making peace, Mr. B drew the outline like King Robbo did back in 1985 in the original and added a “spray can” candle, as a well wisher to Robbo, currently in induced coma. A closer look after the jump as well as a look at the Robbo piece…

Streets: New Banksy Work in London & BAFTA Nomination

In near perfect synchronicity with the “Sperm” piece Banksy officially claimed as his own through his website last week, another work popped up in the London Borough of Camden which bears striking resemblances to that of the illustrious street artist. The “Living Room” themed chalk piece, with stencil detail accents reminiscent of murals thrown up in Boston and Detroit last year, is located at the same canal wall where the infamous Banksy vs. Robbo battle began, only for it to keep going and going at […]

Streets: Banksy & Robbo (Take 4)

By now, you all use be familiar with the Banksy and Robbo situation in Camden. It didn’t take long for Team Robbo to respond to the recent modifications to the four stencils at the canal by either some enterprising fans of the street artist or Mr. B himself. With one of the recent changes in an apparent response to a facebook image that Robbo’s crew found offensive, it’s no longer clear who all is involved in this fiasco as we are pretty sure that Banksy […]

Streets: Banksy Vs. Robbo Copycat?

Another turn of events in the Robbo and Banksy story was recently reported on Graffoto. It appears someone has again modified the four pieces by Banksy in Camden, but this time reversing much of what Robbo did. With Robbo recently escalating his “war” against other Banksy stencils outside of the Camden, there was speculation as to what Banksy’s response would be. With so much on his plate recently, and frankly, no need to respond to Robbo’s bravado, we are not sure Mr. B would take […]

Banksy Roundup

We’ve put together a little roundup of recent Banksy news that will hopefully tie up some loose ends.  In the video above, you will see a message from Mr. B – read to the audience before the screening of his documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop” at the Sundance Film Festival. We wish we could have been there, but there are a couple reviews out so far (here & here).  Also, for lucky fans in the UK, it looks like there are already some tickets […]

Streets: Banksy vs. Robbo not finished

It looks as though Robbo and his crew have painted over another one of Banksy’s pieces in Camden. If you remember, what set off this confrontation was Banksy painting over one of Robbo’s historical throwups, which was over 20 years old (although the feud probably had its origins from even earlier).  After Team Robbo went back and remixed THAT Banksy piece, they now modify another one implying that Mr. B is fishing for street cred. What is making what Team Robbo is doing more effective […]

Streets: Banksy Vs. Robbo

So… It seems that one of the pieces Banksy put up last week has a back story that most didn’t know about. Apparently, he stenciled over a 1985 piece by Robbo and other writers who were some of the pioneers of graf in London in the mid 80s. This has caused a pretty strong outrage among some old school graffiti writers and it looks like Robbo has gone back to paint over the piece, cleverly incorporating Banksy’s piece just like Banksy incorporated his. More images […]