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Showing: Claire Hind & Gary Winters – Kong Lear @ Bar Lane Studios

AM stopped by Bar Lane Studios in York to take a look at Claire Hind & Gary Winters’ collaborative installation and exhibition entitled Kong Lear. The title, and also the subject matter is a juxtaposition of imagery from the celebrated tale of King Kong interwoven with texts from King Lear, and also includes new writing. Add to the mix a dash of Freudian ‘slips’, and you find yourself firmly in place in the world of Kong Lear. Gorilla Mondays have been staged by the artists […]

Showing: Part2ism – ‘A Retrospective 1995-2011’ @ Bar Lane Studios, York

It’s not often that AM gets to report on exhibitions in York, but this is one show that was always destined to happen. Part2ism, or Part2 for you old school graf-heads, is currently showing a retrospective of his work in his home town of York at Bar Lane Studios located just inside the city walls. Spanning the years from 1995 until the present, this body of work shows the journey that Keith Hopewell has taken since some of his first outings on canvas, as opposed […]

Previews: Part2ism – ‘A Retrospective 1995-2011’ @ Bar Lane Studios, York

This month sees somewhat of a homecoming for York’s favourite graffiti son, Part2. More recently known as Part2ism and also by his real name of Keith Hopewell, Part2 is one of the original leading lights of spraycan photorealism, which is now seen throughout the graffiti world with the likes of Herakut / Maclaim and whipper-snappers Best | Ever (interviewed) leading the fresh charge. Check the annals of history and it was the likes of Part2 and System of AoC that started bringing truly photorealistic productions […]