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Streets: Ericailcane (Belgium)

Earlier this month, Ericailcane painted a set of three murals in Ghent, Belgium utilizing his distinctive illustrative style to coincide with the second edition of EI. The renowned Italian street artist painted the pieces on the outer walls of the artists’ workspace ‘het vogelnest vzw’ (Nieuwevaart 118D – 9000 GHENT – Belgium) where an event will be held on May 19th with lectures and a screening of Exit Through the Gift Shop. Discuss Ericailcane here.

Streets: Slinkachu (Belgium)

Over the weekend in Belgium, street miniaturist Slinkachu presented a small show featuring his work in a temporary gallery at Lange Lozanastraat 101b in the 2018 area of the city. While there, he also placed his tiny street installations throughout Antwerpen for residents to discover including a piece featuring a footballer chalking his own field. See the rest below… Discuss Slinkachu here.

Streets: ROA (Belgium)

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that busy international traveler and prolific street muralist ROA is from Belgium based on so many of his works popping up around the world (most recently in Stockholm). We can finally show you something painted in his home country (for the the generically named Street Art Festival) with again some nice incorporation of architectural elements into the piece (windows used as the perch). Tipped off by Nuart. Discuss ROA here.