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Teaser: C215 & Logan Hicks – “Parallel Universe” @ Show & Tell Gallery

Just coming off the opening of his solo show in Paris, C215 is already getting ready to conquer another country. This time, he is collaborating with another stencil master, Logan Hicks (interviewed), for a show in Canada at Show & Tell Gallery.  Opening November 6th, “Parallel Universe” will no doubt showcase the strengths of both artists, their complex stencils. A closer look after the jump.

Openings: C215 @ Galerie Pierre Cardin

Prolific French street artist C215 (Christian Guémy) recently opened a show at Galerie Pierre Cardin in Paris, returning to his roots after showing in the UK at the Signal Gallery (covered) and at a special collaborative project at the old Bridewell Police Station. Included in the exhibition are his signature stencils featuring portraiture of people of the streets – the homeless, beggars, orphans, animals, and victims of neglect.  The body of work includes pieces on wood, paper, and found objects and conveyed a versatility of […]

Opening: C215 – “Shoeshiners” @ Signal Gallery

AM has been watching French stencil master C215 (aka Christian Guémy) cut through the noise of derivative copycats since 2006 and we never cease to be impressed. Something must be happening in France since JR (covered) is probably the only other street artist traveling as much and doing street work in as many interesting locations. Both artists use their very different techniques to capture people who are often overlooked with powerful impact. Last night in London, C215 opened his first ever UK solo exhibit “Shoeshiners” […]

Showing: “Justice” @ Long Arm Gallery in Bridewell Police Station

One aspect of street art that is particularly attractive is the social commentary that can accompany each piece in meaning and placement.  Two artists that have shown interest in bringing attention to different political causes are C215 and Bruno Leyval as evidenced by some of their Tibetian themed art (covered). For the show “Justice,” they have teamed up with three other artists (Dan23, Least Wanted and MC1984) in a concept show at Long Arm Gallery based on themes of Law and Order that they have […]

Seen on the Streets: C215 & Bruno Leyval

Intrepid photographer Romanywg recently captured photos of hardworking french street artists C215 and Bruno Leyval getting up near the Cargo Club in London’s East End. They worked on adjacent walls painting & stenciling some amazing Tibetan scene murals. In progress pics as well as shots of the completed walls after the jump.