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Opening: Chris Berens – “Leeuwenhart” @ Roq La Rue

Last night, Roq La Rue played host to the much anticipated reveal of Chris Beren’s newest body of painstakingly crafted and enormously enthralling work, Leeuwenhart (previewed). Working off the theme of his recently born daughter, Emma Lionheart Berens, Seattle art-goers were privy to an all encompassing assault on the senses. With 32 pieces filling the walls of the gallery, the vast majority selling in advance of the opening, Chris has proven his mad scientist-like genius in the studio, imminently dedicated to sharing his visions and […]

Preview: Chris Berens – “Leeuwenhart” @ Roq La Rue

In many respects, we here at AM have the wonderful purveyors of Roq La Rue to thank for opening our eyes – as well as those of many U.S. contemporary art fans alike – to the enchanting art of Chris Berens. It was with his debut stateside exhibit, Go West (covered), hosted by the Seattle gallery where the Amsterdam artist first spread his wings and soared across the pond into the imaginations of countless collectors that immediately fell in love with his unique artistic vision. […]

Teaser: Chris Berens @ Roq La Rue

Chris Berens will be making a return to Seattle at the Roq La Rue gallery after a successful showing there over a year ago. This time around, the Dutch painter know for his soft focus dream-like paintings, will be bringing a more nature-themed body of work as opposed to the cityscapes that dominated his last show in New York. Another image after the jump…

Preview: “Lush Life 2” Group Invitational @ Roq La Rue

Another great group show opens this Friday, March 12th in Seattle at the Roq La Rue gallery.  The show is the second “Lush Life” exhibition (first one here), and again will feature a stellar lineup including Joe Sorren, Chris Berens (seen above), Marion Peck, Kris Kuksi, Travis Louie, Brian Despain, John Brophy, Martin Wittfooth, Ryan Heshka, Michael Brown, Charlie Immer, Mandy Greer, Gail Potocki, Laurie Hogin, Boomer, Madeline Von Foerster, Ryan Heshka, Andrew Arconti and more. Take a look at some more preview images after […]

Openings: Chris Berens – “The Only Living Boy in New York” @ Sloan Fine Art

Last week, Amsterdam-based artist Chris Berens made his New York debut with a brilliant solo show at  Sloan Fine Art. Chris has been working hard on this show and came through with 39 detailed pieces to show for his efforts. As mentioned in our previews (here & here), Chris utilizes a mixed technique blending his heritage of studying the “old masters” with his unique brushstrokes on photographic paper to create a dream like effect. This beautiful hazy effect is something that is further illuminated by seeing his art […]

Update: Chris Berens – “The Only Living Boy in New York” @ Sloan Fine Art

Last week, we gave you a taste (here) of what’s to come for the Chris Berens show opening up this Wednesday at Sloan Fine Art. AM stopped by the gallery while they were installing the new show to check out the new paintings first hand. The details are astounding with New York specific elements in some. Check out our exclusive first look at what will be a great show after the jump.

Preview: Chris Berens – “The Only Living Boy in New York” @ Sloan Fine Art

Get ready New York! Chris Berens is coming to town with his new show, “The Only Living Boy in New York,” a week from today (Dec. 16th) at Sloan Fine Art. After seeing a several of the pieces in person at SCOPE, we can promise you that you are in for a treat. Ever respectful of his Dutch artistic heritage, Berens’ work definitely has the Old Masters feel, something rare in this day and age, but yet he has added a modern twist. There will […]

Preview: Basel Week Miami ’09 – Sloan Fine Art x Chris Berens

Chris Berens fans attending Art Basel are in for a treat his year as Sloan Fine Art will feature several pieces from him in their booth at SCOPE as a preview to his big New York show opening at their gallery on December 16th. Berens’ soft focus and imaginative work is a result of a unique and time-consuming process and are often homages to the Dutch master painters of yore. We have become increasingly enamored with his work after recent shows in Seattle and Amsterdam […]

Preview: “+2” Group Show @ Sloan Fine Art

We love the concept behind this group show opening this Saturday, June 20th, at Sloan Fine Art in NY. “+2” sees 24 artists previously exhibited by Alix Sloan invited to participate in the group show, along with 2 other artists of their choice – hence the plus 2 title. The show opens alongside Jonathan Viner’s Harem” also in the gallery. Read on more details and images after the jump…

Preview: Chris Berens – “White Ones” @ Jaski Art Gallery

Kirsten from Roq La Rue stopped by Amsterdam-based artist Chris Berens’ studio to get a look at what he’s been working on for his upcoming show at Jaski Art Gallery opening this weekend.  Entitled “White Ones,” this exhibition appears make use of “light tones, with each painting focusing on evoking a particular element, such as clouds, wind, snow, and mist.”  Included in this fantastic new body of work is the largest canvas piece yet for Berens (probably the one pictured above).  For those new to […]