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Cy Twombly 1928 – 2011

The world lost a true pioneer and iconoclast today as Gagosian Gallery announced the news of Cy Twombly’s passing. Often cited as an artist whose aesthetic did not fit neatly into any one style during an age when his contemporaries oftentimes were defined by their movements, Twombly’s work was challenging in multiple ways. His poetic calligraphic scribbles and repetitive graffiti were unlike anything created at the time and critics were divided as to whether it even constituted artistic merit.  Validated during his lifetime and subsequently […]

Overtime: March 7 – March 13

New El Mac x Retna mural in Los Angeles. New outdoor work from Steve Locatelli and Escif in Bilboa. Gaia planning a show for Chicago while Skewville gets read for London. Can Charlie Sheen be considered a performance artist or is he just desperate for attention? Damien Hirst designs instruments (that will be auctioned for charity) for the band Squeeze. How does your collection compare to Carlos Slim’s, which consists of about 66,000 works (including Renoir, Cezanne, and Rodin) of art? Cory Arcangel discusses his […]

Cy Twombly – “Camino Real” @ Gagosian (Paris)

Already regarded as the best art gallery around, run by the most powerful figure in the art world, Gagosian Gallery opens a location in Paris and inaugurates it with an exhibition by one of the best artists alive. In what may be a sign of renewed confidence in the Paris art market (the city has had its fair share of important museum shows recently) or simply Larry Gagosian’s desire to take over the entire world one city at a time, the gallery opens in Paris […]

Cy Twombly Paints for the Ceiling of the Louvre

Contemporary artist and legend Cy Twombly was recently commissioned by the Louvre to create a mural to for the ceiling of one of its oldest wings. This is an honor bestowed to only two other artists before Twombly and the first for an American artist. For one of world’s most prestigious museums, Twombly chose to contrast it’s rich history of complex classical art with an abstract contemporary flare by utilizing a canvas with a blue hue with floating geometric discs emblazoned with the names of […]

Street Art Shows Strong @ Sotheby’s Contemporary Day Auction

We heard a rumor that the economy is not well and the art market is hurting. Apparently, the folks attending Sotheby’s Contemporary Day auction don’t agree. Today’s sale yielded solid results, with 337 lots pulling in over 21.5 million USD. Among the amazing lineup of artists, such as Warhol, Basquiat, Kippenberger and Cy Twombly, AM noted the inclusion of two iconic names from the “Urban Art” genre: Shepard Fairey and Banksy. More after the jump…

Cy Twombly – The Rose @ Gagosian London

AM recently visited Cy Twombly’s exhibit at the Gagosian’s Britannia Street location. Many people cite the still active octogenarian as one of the godfathers of urban contemporary artwork, with his graffiti-like calligraphic script and dripping paint inspiring many artists currently working in the scene. The show features five gargantuan paintings, each measuring a whopping 24′ x 8′. Combined with the hangar-like gallery space, they take on a majestic beauty when displayed together and exert a strong wall presence. Read more about the exhibition and check out the […]