Already regarded as the best art gallery around, run by the most powerful figure in the art world, Gagosian Gallery opens a location in Paris and inaugurates it with an exhibition by one of the best artists alive. In what may be a sign of renewed confidence in the Paris art market (the city has had its fair share of important museum shows recently) or simply Larry Gagosian’s desire to take over the entire world one city at a time, the gallery opens in Paris by unveiling five brand new paintings on canvas by the abstract expressionist master Cy Twombly.

Camino Real, which is a reference to a Tennessee Williams play, looks like an extension of Twombly’s Rose and Peony series, with its vivid colors and effusive gestures. Also on view are editions of the artist’s bronze sculptures. If you are in Paris, stop by the gallery before Dec. 23 and witness the attempt at world domination yourself.

Installation images after the jump…

All images via Gagosian Gallery