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Showing: “Exhibit Z” @ Library Street Collective

After finishing up their big mural project (covered), the Library Street Collective recently opened a group show featuring artwork from all the participating artists. Covering a wide range of styles, techniques and mediums, artists from all over the globe gladly partook in one of the biggest urban and contemporary art shows Detroit has seen in a long time. Featuring works by such names as Dabs Myla, How Nosm, Interesni Kazki, Tristan Eaton, Cyrcle, Revok, Gaia, Remi Rough, Sam Friedman, Maya Hayuk, Augustine Kofie, Pose, Logan Hicks, and more, […]

Upcoming: Dabs Myla and Friends – “Marvelous Expeditions” @ Thinkspace

Coming up in September, the Thinkspace Gallery will be presenting a show from Australian duo Dabs Myla. The new works are themed on their many travels together and their experiences making art with seven new paintings and an array of smaller pieces. Also on display will be a group exhibition they curated from artists 123 Klan, Aaron De La Cruz, Askew, Augustine Kofie, Axis, Cat Cult, Dscreet, Dvate, EINE, Elliot Francis, Stewart, Ephameron, Greg Lamarche, Honkey Kong (aka Adam Hathorn), Johnny ‘KMNDZ’ Rodriguez, KC Ortiz, KEM5, […]

Streets: Greg Simkins, Dabs & Myla and Jersey Joe Mural @ Static Medium

Yesterday, we tagged along with Greg “Craola” Simkins (featured), Dabs & Myla and Jersey Joe to watch them create a fresh mural christening the new location of Los Angeles print studio Static Medium. From 8am to the late afternoon, the artists took on the blazing sun with tons of spray cans using their crazy nozzle skills. They even got some love from the locals as they worked this urban beautification project. More pics after the jump…

Update: Dabs and Myla return to Australia

The duo of Dabs Myla have returned temporarily to their home country of Australia after a year long stay in Los Angeles. Though they’ll only be gone for a month, the ambitious duo have been keeping their noses to the grindstone in the land down under with a new mural, solo show and a book release to keep them busy. Tonight saw the opening of their comeback show, “Hollywood and Western” at Per Square Metre, which featured a new body of work as well as […]

Showing: “Fresh” @ Thinkspace Gallery

When we visited Thinkspace a couple weeks ago to check out Damon Soule’s solo show, we also took in the “Fresh” group show in the project room. The appropriately named show featured some new young talent on the Silverlake gallery’s roster including Linnea Strid (seen above), Josie Morway, and Jacub Gagnon among others. Take a look at all the pics after the jump…

Preview: Andy Kehoe – “The World Unseen and Those In Between” @ Thinkspace

As the last part of fall gives way to winter, Andy Kehoe gets set to open his show “The World Unseen and Those In Between” at Thinkspace Gallery. How appropriate – as Kehoe’s paintings have become synonymous with the autumn spirit, at least in our minds. His palette includes oranges, browns, and yellows with imagery including leaves, trees, and foliage of the season, as well as the strange creatures that inhabit his world. He opens along side Dabs Myla’s “Earthquake Weather” and Jesse Hotchkiss’ “Learning […]

Basel Week Miami ’09 – Dabs & Myla @ Primary Flight

Amidst the living legends, old school heroes and contemporary street artists taking part in this year’s Primary Flight, AM was excited to see the whimsical and well worked wall by Dabs & Myla whom you’ll remember we visited last month in Los Angeles.  With an upcoming appearance at Thinkspace Gallery, expect good things from our favorite Aussie couple. More pictures after the jump.

Art Focus: Dabs and Myla

AM had the opportunity to sit down with the recently transplanted Australian duo of Dabs and Myla – a couple of artists that we’ve had our eye on for a while.  Their wondrously complex yet easily accessible paintings and murals are the result of years of collaboration as well as a seemingly near-psychic connection found only in the strongest of couples.  While Dabs creates the characters, Myla renders the washed out backgrounds and intricate cityscapes.  Their individual voices harmonize together with near symphonic results, the […]