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Openings: “The New Grand Tour” @ Bryce Wolkowitz

Last night, AM attended the opening of “The New Grand Tour” at the fresh gallery space of Bryce Wolkowitz (previewed). With a lineup of Deanne Cheuk, Jose Parla, Rey Parla, Davi Russo, Romon Kimin Yang (Rostarr) and Suitman a.k.a. Young Kim, it was not hard to see why the Chelsea space was packed to the brim with art lovers. Many industry peers such as Ryan McGinness, KAWS, Eric Haze, Sandra Gering, Cristina Grajales and Akino Kondoh were also in attendance. One of our favorite pieces was a supersized […]

Preview: “The New Grand Tour” @ Bryce Wolkowitz

We know you all have wondered where it went – and after many centuries, the Grand Tour is coming back, courtesy of Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery and curator Amanda Bhalla Wilkes. The New Grand Tour is a revival, redefinition, and reinvention of the tradition that started in the 16th century. The original grand tour was a culmination of aristocratic education, where young men and women traveled to cities like Paris, Venice, Florence, and Rome to broaden their cultural background. The group of artists in the New […]