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Showing: Titi Freak – “In A Dream” @ Black Book Gallery

Earlier this month, the Black Book Gallery in Denver opened In A Dream, a new solo from Titi Freak. Sending over works from Brazil, the artist known for his street art made his heritage and his two years apprenticing in Japan count by letting their influence shine through. The new body of work is centered around a large 10 panel wood piece featuring a koi fish, and supported by loose portraits as well as a wall of leaves. Take a look at more photos from the exhibition below… Photos via […]

Upcoming: Titi Freak – “In A Dream” @ Black Book Gallery

On August 2nd, the Black Book Gallery in Denver will be hosting a new solo show from Titi Freak. Featuring works that combine influences from his Japanese heritage and the urban aesthetic from the streets of Sao Paulo, the exhibition from the Brazil-based painter will be entitled In A Dream. Those in the area should make plans to attend if interested. Discuss Titifreak here.

Videos: Cole Sternberg – “all his strength was concentrated in his fists, including the very strength that held him upright” @ David B. Smith Gallery

Last month, the David B. Smith Gallery presented the works of Cole Sternberg in a solo show entitled all his strength was concentrated in his fists, including the very strength that held him upright, a line from Franz Kafka’s unfinished work, Amerika. Exploring the troubling social issues highlighted in the book including stratified social hierarchies, widespread discrimination, blind worship of capitalism, and the destruction of the environment, the work was organized two site-specific installations – a cloud like mural overlayed by over-painted photographs, collage, and mixed media on […]

Openings: Laura Ball – “Minotaur” @ David B. Smith

Last week, the David B. Smith Gallery presented all new watercolors from Laura Ball collectively entitled Minotaur. While exploring the PULSE art fair (covered) in Miami, we came across several of the paintings that will be in the show which we shared with you here. Now with these new photos, you will be able to appreciate the new entire body of work which features her signature creative amalgamations of smaller creatures to form larger animals. Photo credit: Gavin McGlynn for Arrested Motion. Discuss this show here. Discuss Laura Bell here.

Preview: Laura Ball – “Minotaur” @ David B. Smith

Tomorrow night in Denver, the David B. Smith Gallery will be exhibiting all new paintings from Southern California-based Laura Ball. Entitled Minotaur, the new watercolors continue to explore themes of the subconscious in her work, both positive and negative, through surrogates of delicately rendered natural creatures, which she often piles in clusters flowing into each other. While exploring the PULSE art fair (covered) in Miami, we came across several of the paintings that will be in the show. Take a look at some photos below, including […]

Openings: Kris Lewis @ David B. Smith Gallery

Last week, Kris Lewis (interviewed) returned (see 2011 & 2009) for a new showing at the David B. Smith Gallery in Denver. The exhibition included a series of paintings featuring his exquisite portraiture which shows the California-based artist’s reverence for the old masters as well as his technical prowess. Add to that a gift for the emotive touch as well as creating works that really connect with the viewer and you have something special. The show runs through the end of the month, so definitely stop by if you are in the area. Photo […]

Openings: Gregory Euclide – “Observing only the ease of my own slipping toward your unknown” @ David B. Smith Gallery

A couple weeks back, the David B. Smith Gallery in Denver hosted the opening for Gregory Euclide’s latest solo show. Entitled Observing only the ease of my own slipping toward your unknown, the new work sees Euclide continue to walk the thin line between two and three dimensional art. Utilizing a visual vocabulary that includes the natural world and architectural elements, the show includes large scale paintings and sculptural assemblages, smaller mono prints, and Laid Down & Wiped Slowly Away – temporary painting composed by Euclide on a 48 x 96 inch […]

Openings: Shepard Fairey, Evan Hecox, and Jim Houser @ Black Book Gallery

Last month, we took you onto the streets of Denver as we took a look at some of the pieces Shepard Fairey left in his wake as a show featuring work from him, Evan Hecox, and Jim Houser was held at the Black Book Gallery. We now have photos from that opening as art fans checked out Shep’s iconic imagery, Hecox’s textured multimedia works, and Houser’s installation-based pieces. Enjoy the full photo set below. Photos credit: Gavin McGlynn for Arrested Motion. Discuss this show here. Discuss Shepard Fairey here. Discuss Evan Hecox […]

Upcoming: Gregory Euclide @ David B. Smith Gallery

It looks like all the pieces for  Gregory Euclide’s upcoming show in Denver at the David B. Smith Gallery have arrived safely. Along with his intriguing paintings which include both two-dimensional and three-dimensional elements, Euclide has also been working in the project room on one of those whiteboard paintings (seen below) that his fans have been impressed with recently.  If you recall, he worked on some of these pieces at the school he teaches at for educational purposes and eventually released a series of prints based on them. The […]

Streets: Shepard Fairey (Denver)

Tomorrow night (August 3rd) in Denver, the Black Book Gallery will host a three person show from Shepard Fairey, Evan Hecox, and Jim Houser. The Mile-High City last saw Shep’s work at Manifest Hope during the 2008 Democratic National Convention, but if the art community has forgotten, the OBEY crew has been up and about putting up reminders with stickers, stencils and wheat pastes. Discuss Shepard Fairey here.