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Preview: Group Exhibition @ David B. Smith Gallery

After a short hiatus, the David B. Smith Gallery will be hosting a new group exhibition tomorrow night (August 3rd) that touts an intriguing lineup of artists. In addition to new works by returning artists Molly Dilworth, AJ Fosik, Ryan McLennan, Regan Rosburg, Paul Jacobsen, Dena Schuckit, Cole Sternberg, and Jason Thielke, the showing also features excerpts from John Houck’s Aggregates series, a captivating oil painting from Jonathan Viner (seen above), a portrait by Mark Dean Veca of the infamous Mr. Hankey, of South Park fame, new work […]

Upcoming: Kris Lewis @ David B. Smith Gallery

Coming up in October, the David B. Smith Gallery will be hosting a new solo exhibition from Kris Lewis (interviewed). If his previous shows (see 2011 & 2009) at the Denver showspace are any indication, the California-based artist will be bringing a selection of enchanting oil paintings with him. His work bely a reverence for the old masters mixed with a modern quality as well as a touch of symbolism, all which combine for intriguing portraits. The show opens on October 19th. Photos via the artist. Discuss […]

Preview: Christina Empedocles – “A Unified Theory of Everything” @ David B. Smith

With an opening reception set for this Thursday, April 5th at the David B. Smith Gallery, we thought we would bring your attention to some new works from Christina Empedocles. A Unified Theory of Everything sees the SF-based artist continue to explore a wide range of subjects in the form of printed matter like old comics, movie posters, and nature periodicals. By rendering these in crumpled and folded forms, she adds a depth and extra layers of complexity to her two dimensional works. More preview […]

Streets: David Choe, DVS-1, Joseph To (Denver)

After hitting up the new Facebook headquarters at the behest of Mark Zuckerberg, David Choe (featured) headed over to Mile-High City for the Terminal Kings project at the Denver International Airport. While that event (more on this later) also features the work of Sam Flores and Highgraff, David also brought along his friends, artists DVS-1 and Joseph To, to get in on the fun with some high energy collaborations. More photos after the jump…