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Streets: El Mac – “Verse” Memorial

As a way to pay tribute to those who have passed, artist often paint murals in remembrance of their friends who have fallen along the way. After a recent fitting piece in collaboration with Augustine Kofie (featured) to remember DASH 2000, a former member of the UTI (Under The Influence) graffiti crew, El Mac has now painted one for Marcos “Verse” Vasquez in Mid-City, Los Angeles. If you remember, Mac also collaborated with RETNA (featured) a couple years ago on another memorial mural at Mid City Arts. More photos after the […]

Videos: El Mac Artist Statement – Vietnam

Last year, you may recall when we brought you photos of a mural from El Mac painted in Vietnam during a period of travel. We followed that up with an article featuring a creative process video for that mural, but the LA-based street muralist wasn’t interviewed as part of the footage at that point.  Now, comes an insightful video that fills in the gaps of his trip where Mac talks about his beginnings, the issues with local paint & cans, his signature “ripple” effect, graffiti specific […]

Streets: El Mac x Augustine Kofie (Los Angeles) – Part I

Not too long ago, the collaboration between artists El Mac and Augustine Kofie (featured) produced a spectacular mural that took place at the KROQ studios in Los Angeles, California (covered). It was a project which greatly combined the talent of these two artists to produce a music-themed mural. Now the two have once again come together to produce a mural which not only displays their incredible technique but more importantly, it is a project which pays respect to their late friend DASH 2000, a former member […]

Streets: El Mac (Los Angeles)

Nearly two weeks ago, artist El Mac painted a new mural atop a busy West Hollywood building. Interestingly enough, hardly anyone noticed that it was taking place. That’s because this most recent work by the artist has been kept under wraps for this last part of the month. The mural will be unveiled alongside an L.A. Times Magazine article which focuses on the writings of Connie Rice, a civil rights attorney, activist, and relative of Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Her likeness is […]

Streets: El Mac (Phoenix)

El Mac was recently in Phoenix and painted this mural with his signature technique on the side of a new upcoming artspace called Por Vida Gallery (right next to the infamous Barrio Cafe on 16th street). Seeing its location, this portrait of his friend Chee from LA is a perfect choice as after finishing up Mac was told – “What I like best about this piece is there are a dozen dudes walking around this neighborhood that look just like this painting, and they all think its them. This […]

Releases: El Mac – “Prayer” Print

Later today, at a random time here, El Mac will be releasing a rare print through Moon Editions in San Francisco. Entitled Prayer, this limited edition is based on a painting from a show earlier this year and will come in three different colors – Vermilion Red (edition of 49), Metallic Copper (edition of 39), and Teal Blue variant (Edition of 9). The print is 21″ x 28″ and is a two-color serigraph (signed and numbered). More photos after the jump…

Streets: El Mac (Barcelona)

Gifted street muralist El Mac is at it again, this time in Spain. This new piece was painted on the side of the Montana paint factory (a brand that he has used many times over the years) in Barcelona. Based on his model Lacheln, the wall done in a palette limited to black, gray and whites, and is a nice contrast to an adjacent mural by Os Gemeos. More photos after the jump…

Streets: El Mac & Augustine Kofie (Los Angeles)

Over the past week, artists El Mac and Augustine Kofie (featured) collaborated on a wall inside the KROQ radio station complex. For this project, the duo brought forth a mural which fittingly centered around the idea of music. They had previously worked together on a piece inside the 33third Store / Mid-City Arts building, however this time around they focused on a color palette featuring a variety of red, white and dark colors. Although their styles are very different, the two of them managed create […]

Streets: Tudela Avant-Garde Urbano Festival Roundup (Spain)

Several weeks ago, we brought you some photos of the newest Blu mural painted for the Tudela Avant-Garde Urbano Festival in Spain. Some additional photos have surfaced of some of the other artists involved with the event including El Mac, Suso33, Run Don’t Walk, and Buenos Aires Stencil. More photos via Unurth after the jump…

Streets: El Mac – “Spirit of Summer” (Canada)

As summer is drawing to an end, AM thought we would draw attention to this mural from Los Angeles-based El Mac, who recently visited one of his favorite cities, Montreal, Canada. Entitled Spirit of Summer, this piece is an interpretation of a young Rose Phillips, the namesake of the neighborhood this is in, Rosemont. More in progress photos from the master of can control after the jump…