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FAME Festival – A Tour Through the Monastery

After months of following the goings on at Italy’s FAME Fest (see our coverage here), AM decided to take a trip to Grottaglie to find out if all those pieces were really as incredible as they appeared. Let’s just say that we were far from disappointed. From the murals painted within the ancient monastery and on the walls around town to the fantastic private preview dinner and packed opening night reception showcasing work from all the artists, FAME is every street art fan’s dream come true. […]

Video: Blu & David Ellis – “COMBO” – a Collaborative Animation for Fame Festival 2009

Well, the wait is finally over. The much anticipated collaborative animation between Blu and David Ellis that we hinted about here and here is finally done. The patterns and colors of Ellis’ work blend really well with Blu’s more muted kinetic work. Props to these two artists for the creative camera work as well the time and effort this obviously required. This will go down as one of the top highlights for this years’ FAME Festival (coverage here) and is highly recommended. Via Unurth. Discuss […]

Fame Festival: Blu Time-Lapse

Remember that mural we told you about that Blu worked on at the Fame Festival several weeks ago? Well, there is a nice video out now that shows the time-lapse of him working the massive political statement. With the opening only a week away, we can’t wait to see all the finished street and gallery pieces from all the artists, but we are especially interested to see if the “graffiti-animation” Blu is working on can match the energy of “Muto.” Discuss Blu here. Discuss the FAME […]

Fame Festival: Slinkachu

When we heard Slinkachu (street photographer and sculptor we first covered here) was included in this year’s lineup for FAME Festival, we were wondering how he would fit in with all the big murals that other artists were putting up all over the city. Apparently, he decided to go “big” as well in the form of the largest piece he has ever one. Looks like he put up this “laundry line” piece in one of the many alleyways of Grottaglie. Closer looks after the jump.

FAME Festival: JR, Judith Supine, Ericailcane, Sam3

Things have been busy over at FAME Festival since we last gave a report (see our coverage here). Ericailcane has finished up a new mural, Judith Supine has put up his first piece, and JR and Sam3 have created some fantastic new prints (see JR’s above). Fans of the French artist may recall the original piece from the “Self Portraits” show at Circle Culture (previewed and covered). Take a look at the new work from Judith, Ericailcane and Sam3 after the jump.

FAME Festival: Ericailcane and Word to Mother (Part II)

We recently brought you news of Ericailcane (here) and Word to Mother (here) painting murals at FAME Festival (full coverage here). The artists have since stepped into the studio to create a fantastic selection of artwork. We are loving these little ceramic sculptures by Ericailcane (above). For everyone who gets excited when Erica’s anthropomorphic creatures leap into the three-dimensional, now is the time to start jumping up and down, as there look to be quite a few little monkeys running around Grottaglie. Word To Mother […]

FAME Festival – Word to Mother

UK’s Word to Mother (interviewed) has just finished a lovely mural at FAME Festival (our coverage here). Word’s soft colors and sketched lines fit really well into the environment the artists have been working in. This piece forms a nice continuation to his solo exhibition, “Young Mind, Old Soul,” at Fifty24SF (covered) earlier in the year. See a more detailed shot of the figure to the right after the jump.

FAME Festival: Ericailcane

Ericailcane, one of the stars of last year’s event, has returned to FAME Festival (our coverage here). This newly finished mural is very touching and is an interesting continuation of Blu’s statement about the pollution that has devastated Grottaglie in recent years. As director Angelo Milano informed AM, one of the festival’s primary goals is “to attract attention to some very filthy moves by the town politicians, who have installed a huge (and constantly growing) special wastes dump on our territory. Trash is coming all the way […]

Fame Festival: Blu

Unless you have been living under a rock somewhere, you have probably seen “Muto,” the now famous “graffiti-animation” video by Blu. Not sure if this new mural will be included in the new video the Italian artist is working on with David Ellis at the Fame Festival. Our guess would be no as this piece is meant to be a more permanent political statement on the massive steel factory ILVA in Taranto, and the fallout from all the pollution in the surrounding area. The images […]

Fame Festival: Blu and David Ellis (Part II)

We told you at the beginning of the week that Blu and David Ellis were hard at work on their newest animated video in Grottaglie as part of their participation in FAME Fest (coverage here.) Additional images of the pair’s work have just been released. We mentioned previously that we were looking forward to the result of their partnership; these pictures certainly indicate that it is going to be something very, very special.