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Openings: David Flores x Phil Stern – “The Beginning of an Era” @ The Phil Stern Gallery

A few days ago, artist David Flores and photographer Phil Stern unveiled their joint exhibition at the Phil Stern Gallery showcasing an incredible collection of timeless images blending Stern’s photography and Flores’ unique design. The pictures included iconic personalities ranging from Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Frank Sinatra, and James Dean, just to name a few. Having Flores add his design over every one of those photos gave the collection a unique twist which seemed to blend the past and the present almost seamlessly. As we have seen […]

Preview: David Flores x Phil Stern @ The Phil Stern Gallery

Tomorrow night, December 8th, the Phil Stern Gallery will debut a new exhibit by award-winning photographer Phil Stern and artist David Flores. If you remember a few months back, Flores painted a mural in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles based on a James Dean photograph shot by the Stern (covered). Interesting enough, it was through the photos of AM photographer Carlos Gonzalez that Stern first saw the mural. The remixed James Dean wall made such an impression on Stern that he decided to open […]