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Christopher Wool @ Gagosian Gallery (Rome)

It’s been a while since we’ve covered anything in Rome, but today that changes. Gagosian Gallery brings one of today’s most important artists to the historic city with eight new paintings by Christopher Wool. The silkscreen and enamel large works on linen feature Wool’s signature gestures and technique. On top of the silkscreen foundation, Wool employs stenciling, rolling, dripping, dragging, and spray-painting. Each painting is heavily worked on by the artist, with erasures, over-painting, and reproduction part of the intense process. The result are spectacular […]

Openings: Roy Lichtenstein – “Still Lifes” @ Gagosian NYC (24th St.)

As one of the cornerstones of the Pop Art movement, Roy Lichtenstein left behind a legacy of phenomenal art that has influence much of the art, design, and marketing that surrounds us today. The Gagosian Gallery in NYC (555 West 24th street location) is currently showing a collection of his works entitled “Still Lifes” with works spanning from 1972 to the early 1980’s and focusing on paintings, sculptures and drawings. This is a show that both young and old will find very rewarding in person. […]

Openings: Andreas Gursky @ Gagosian Gallery (Beverly Hills)

This past March 4th will end up being a significant date in the history of Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills. The standard-bearer of all contemporary art galleries in the world premiered a major addition to their 90210 space. In addition, Andreas Gursky, one of the most well-known artists working in the photography medium, opened his newest major solo exhibition at the gallery. The expansion, designed by Richard Meier, features 5,000 square-feet of gallery space added on to the already existing 6,600 square-foot building. The new […]

Showing: Aaron Young – “The Right Way To Do Wrong” @ Gagosian Gallery (Bevery Hills)

It’s not enough that Southern California currently enjoys perfect sunshiny weather while New York freezes. It also has to rub it in by currently being home to terrific shows with NYC-based artists Faile and Aaron Young – all under one roof.  Young, formerly of San Francisco and a Yale MFA, boasts a solo show in the first floor of the prestigious Gagosian Gallery in the famous 90210 zip code. Recently, AM visited the exhibition and would like to treat you all to what we saw. More […]

Showing: “Meet Me Inside” @ Gagosian Gallery (Beverly Hills)

It’s been a big couple of months for Faile.  With so much going on, such as their collaborative show with BAST in London and their 10-year retrospective at Lazarides Gallery, AM is still trying to catch up with the scorching hot collective.  We recently made the trip to Beverly Hills to view “Meet Me Inside” (previewed), a group show at Gagosian Gallery, to check out their wood puzzle pieces, as well as other spectacular art work by Gagosian’s A-list artists. More after the jump…

Openings: Damien Hirst – “End of an Era” @ Gagosian Gallery (Madison Avenue)

This past Saturday night, AM had the chance to tag along with British contemporary icon Damien Hirst at his opening at the Gagosian Gallery (Madison Ave). As stated in our preview, the show titled “End of an Era” was exactly that – an end to a highly notable period of Damien’s infamously publicized career where he made headlines with awe-inspiring and highly controversial achievements in the art world. This show contained the last of many prime examples of the British Bad Boy’s most renowned and infamous works – important iconic achievements […]

Preview: Damien Hirst – “End of an Era” @ Gagosian Gallery (Madison Avenue)

On Jan. 30, Gagosian Gallery on Madison Avenue opens an exhibition containing works by the most famous and controversial contemporary art superstar of his generation. Attracting loud attention with everything he does, YBA leader Damien Hirst will bring over to the US’s shores new paintings and sculpture with the centerpiece being “End of an Era”, a severed bull’s head with golden horns and crowned with a solid gold disc. It is a classic Hirst formaldehyde sculpture that acts as a coda to his piece “The […]

Benefit: “The Partnership for the Homeless” Auction hosted by Larry Gagosian

On Friday, January 29, 2010, Larry Gagosian is hosting a benefit auction at his gallery in New York City in support of The Family Resource Center of The Partnership for the Homeless.  The event is co-chaired by artist Richard Serra and his wife Clara and the Principal Auctioneer is Tobias Meyer, Worldwide Head of Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s.  The spectacular artwork can be seen at the auction website and includes some fantastic pieces by today’s top artists, including the above pictured Richard Serra 80″x80″ painting […]

Openings: Jeff Koons – “New Paintings” @ Gagosian (LA)

Jeff Koons has created some of the most iconic art pieces of the last quarter century. He is an artist whose name is nearly synonymous with contemporary art and culture. While his brand of Pop Art always contains a controversial omnipresent ambiguity concerning how “intelligent,” “deep”, or “dumb” his work really is (that is ultimately left to the viewer to decide), there is no denying how technically perfect, enjoyable, and awe-inspiring they are in person. The consummate perfectionist, once he has an idea hatched inside […]