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Teaser: Andrew Schoultz – “Ex Uno Plura” @ Eric Firestone

On June 23rd in East Hampton, hardworking Andrew Schoultz will be opening his next solo show the same day his joint show with Richard Colman closes in Toronto. Hosted by Eric Firestone Gallery, Ex Uno Plura or (From Many, One), is a play on E Pluribus Unum (From Man, One), a riff on the commonly known Unites States motto. As such, the Bay Area-based painter will be continuing to explore two distinct body of works – the kinetic compositions (swirling tornadoes, searing eyes, warrior horses, […]

Videos / Openings: Unsanctioned Banksy Show @ Keszler Gallery

Many of you may have already seen this video yesterday when we posted it to our facebook fanpage, but here it is again with somewhat of a followup. The footage above, that angered many street art fans, was put together by the Keszler Gallery in association with the Bankrobber Gallery where unnamed individuals traveled to Palestine and boldly removed some of the well known and much beloved work Banksy created for the Santa’s Ghetto event held in the West Bank in 2007. It turns out several […]

Openings: Tauba Auerbach – “A Book Is Not An X” @ John McWhinnie & GHB

On Friday, Tauba Auerbach unveiled a truly unique body of work at John McWhinnie @ GHB in East Hampton, NY. The show entitled A Book Is Not An X (previewed) is a play on a statement she made last year in an Artforum review of Carsten Nicolai’s book Grid Index: “a book is an X-axis. The format is almost always linear; the content, bound in a prescribed order, marches single file.” For this exhibition Tauba created six “books” and each plays on this notion and […]

Preview: Tauba Auerbach – “A Book Is Not An X” @ Glen Horowitz Booksellers (East Hampton)

This evening out on the tip of Long Island, Tauba Auerbach will be unveiling a new body of experimental work at the Glen Horowitz Bookseller’s East Hampton space. Hosted by owner John McWhinnie and curated by Jeremy Sanders from 6 Decades Books, A Book Is Not An X continues Auerbach’s insatiable appetite for the methodical and mathematical. Through a series of six “books”, essentially sculptures that deconstruct and recontectualize the book as it’s conventional perceived into a wholly unique aesthetic form (in a similar, yet […]