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Showing: “KINDERGARTEN” @ Galleria Civica (Italy)

Today in Modena, Italy, Gallerie Civica is hosting the opening of KINDERGARTEN, a group show featuring the talents of Tom Sachs, Futura, Mode 2, Os Gemeos, Kostas Seremetis and Delta. It looks like each of the artists have taken time to bring some sculptural works and installations to the space, leading to a dramatic setting – one that should be enjoyable for “children” of all ages. More photos after the jump…

Fame Festival ’11: Cyop & Kaf

Second (first was Moneyless) to hit the streets of Grottaglie for this year’s Fame Festival are Cyop & Kaf. Continuing where they left off from last year’s event, the duo from Naples continued getting up around town with their bizarre imagery although their efforts weren’t without complications. AM is looking forward to seeing more artists stop in on the small Italian town as we draw closer to the opening of what we consider one of the best annual street art festivals in Europe. More photos […]