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Openings: Kevin Cyr & Jason Bryant – “Behind the Curtain” @ Raandesk Gallery

AM visited the Raandesk Gallery for the opening of a great show featuring two talented emerging artists, Kevin Cyr and Jason Bryant (previewed). Until recently, both worked as studio assistants for art star Kehinde Wiley, so it’s no surprise that they each have serious technical painting chops. Cyr, just selected as one of 10 winners of the 2010 West Prize, takes damaged and vandalized trucks and vans from the streets of NYC and depicts them realistically on a solid field of color – the isolation […]

Preview: Kevin Cyr & Jason Bryant – “Behind the Curtain” @ Raandesk Gallery

We’ve been following the work of Brooklyn artist Kevin Cyr for a little while now and we were excited to hear that he has a new body of work appearing at Raandesk Gallery of Art in New York. “Behind the Curtain” also features Jason Bryant, whom Cyr met whilst they were both working as assistants for Kehinde Wiley. Sounds like both artists will be producing large scale oil paintings for the show – Cyr’s on wooden panels and Bryant’s on canvas. Cyr’s mark making depicts […]