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Openings: “Art From The New World” @ Bristol City Museum

Our friends from the Corey Helford Gallery brought their West Coast Style to the West Country this evening for the much anticipated opening of “Art From The New World” at the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery. It seemed as though UK art fans were highly responsive to some of the wonderful work on show at the preview night, with a packed house drawing in the crowd from the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. Some real visual treats are on offer, from the […]

Preview: “Art From The New World” (Curated by Corey Helford Gallery) @ Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

Something exciting is coming to the UK in the month of May in the shape of “Art from the New World”, an exhibition organized and curated by Los Angeles based Corey Helford Gallery. The exhibit will show a snapshot of the blossoming American new contemporary scene that we at AM love so much and is to be held at the location of last year’s Banksy versus the Bristol Museum – The Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. If you’re in the UK, don’t miss this chance […]

Openings: Lola – “Ipsum Factum” @ Corey Helford Gallery

Lola’s newest solo, “Ipsum Factum”, opened recently at the Corey Helford Gallery in the heart of the Culver City art district. Bringing to fruition pieces that we saw her working on during our studio visit a while back, Lola’s attention to detail was most impressive. From the delicate hands and feet of the denizens of her world, to the tiny planes, to the miniature animals and insects, to the ever present origami – attendees could see that she put her all into this new body […]

Studio Visits: Lola

Opening next Saturday, March 27th in Culver City will be Lola’s newest solo show – “Ipsum Factum” (teased) at the Corey Helford Gallery. AM lucky enough to be able to stop by her studio a while back to check on the progress on this new body of work. We are happy to report this new set of paintings are her most detailed yet, down to the pointy-toed goodness. Take a look at more pics after the jump…

Openings: “Who Killed The Music” Grammy Art Show @ LA Live Target Terrace / Grammy Museum

The “Who Killed The Music” benefit art show kicked off yesterday with a night of good art, music, and familiar faces all around. Co-curated by (seen above with Travis Louie), Kris Lewis, and  David B. Smith, the second in the series of Grammys-inspired shows featured art from 15 artists including Camille Rose Garcia, Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed), Travis Louie (interviewed), Van Arno, Lola, Mercedes Helnwein, Kris Lewis (interviewed), Paul Chatem, Nathan Spoor, Justin BUA, Jason Thielke (interviewed), Gregory Euclide, Sarah McColgan, Jeremy Lipking, and Ron […]

Update: “Who Killed The Music” Grammy Show @ LA Live / Grammy Museum

AM stopped by for a visit with Travis Louie (interviewed) and Lola this morning as they were putting on the finishing touches to their customized blackberries before the private opening of the “Who Killed The Music” Grammy Show tonight. The cell phones will be displayed next to each artist’s painting with a winning design chosen at the end of the show to be put into production. Take a look at the duo in action after the jump…

Preview: “Who Killed The Music” Grammy Exhibition

Camille Rose Garcia The best show no one is talking about right now is the “Who Killed The Music” Grammy group show coming up next week. Set to coincide with the 52nd Annual Awards (whose official artwork was designed by Shepard Fairey this year), the show will feature artwork from Camille Rose Garcia, Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed), Travis Louie (interviewed), Van Arno, Lola, Richard Colman, Mercedes Helnwein, Kris Lewis (interviewed), Paul Chatem, Nathan Spoor, Justin BUA, Jason Thielke (interviewed), Gregory Euclide, Sarah McColgan, and Ron Lipking. […]

Teaser: Lola – “Ipsum Factum” @ Corey Helford Gallery

Looking ahead to March, we see that Lola will be unveiling a new body of work “Ipsum Factum” at the Corey Helford Gallery. While working on her second solo show (first solo covered here) at the Culver City gallery, she says “every day is a lesson and a challenge, with noticeable evolution and growth.” For this show, she will be exploring the relationships between humans and animals. Here we see her posing pretty next to one of the paintings she is working on.  Take a […]

Releases: Hi-Fructose Vol. 14

Hi-Fructose Magazine will be releasing their next issue this coming January 2010. Cover artist Greg “Craola” Simkins (featured) has an exclusive interview and sketchbook sneak peek, alongside other artists such as Skinner, Gregory Euclide, Jesse Hazelip, Van Arno, Lola and many more. Volume 14 will be made available sometime in the next few weeks through your local retailer or online through Hi-Fructose. Preview pics after the jump.

Openings: Hi-Fructose Group Show – “Overdose” @ Copro Gallery

“Overdose” (previewed) opened this past Saturday at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica. Upon entering the gallery, you will notice several great pieces from “Overdose” on display in the gallery’s front room. The majority of the exhibition’s body of work is displayed in the gallery’s main room. A table was set up over in the smaller wing of the gallery for the Hi-Fructose Collected Edition 1 book signing. Artists Greg “Craola” Simkins, Gary Baseman, Attaboy, photographer Brian McCarty, and Joe Ledbetter were all on hand for […]