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Releases: VNA 30 – Futura Cover

VNA Magazine is proudly introducing their landmark issue #30 featuring a true godfather of graffiti, Futura, as their cover artist. Aside from giving a nice overview on his work from the Futura2000 days and beyond, including a conversation about the stratospheric highs and crushing lows of his dramatic life and career, the limited edition box set includes a couple of nice goodies for his fans. Created in collaboration with their friends at White Duck Screen Print, each box set features Futura’s artwork screen-printed on the box and magazine […]

Releases: VNA magazine #28

Tireless crew behind the VNA magazine, recently rounded up another issue packed with the freshest and most important urban and street art from around the world. Issue #28 cover artist is Mike Giant with his monochrome illustrations and tattoo-inspired scribblings. The mag also took a look at Insa’s career to date, from his childhood bedroom posters to his very latest app release – a,  ‘GIF-ITI’. Other headlines include a world first interview with the entire Da Mental Vaporz crew, legendary French graffiti crew. They gathered Bom.k, Blo, Brusk, Dran, […]

Scott Campbell & Wife Pose For New York Magazine Article

After finishing a unique and daring project as inspiration for the paintings in his solo in Los Angeles several months ago (covered), Scott Campbell has worked on something closer to home. On the cover of the latest issue of New York Magazine is his wife Lake Bell covered in his art and profiled in an article along with the tattoo artist. For now, Lake won’t be joining Scott with permanent body art as this piece was temporary, although technically she does have a small pea-sized tattoo. […]

Barry McGee x Jim Goldberg for VICE

In this year’s VICE photo issue (recently released), an interesting collaboration between Barry McGee and photographer Jim Goldberg was featured. The series of works entitled Interfearance features some of McGee’s patterned motifs that he is famous for, juxtaposed with Goldberg’s shots. Take a look at the other joint artist-photographer creations here, and enjoy more of McGee x Goldberg’s pieces below. And, if you are interested in checking out the work in person, VICE will be putting on the collaborations show at the Superchief Gallery in New […]