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Openings: “Dark Pop 3.0” @ Last Rites Gallery

The third installment of Last Rites Gallery’s annual group exhibition Dark Pop 3.0 opened this weekend in New York. The show brought together some intriguing work from a diverse group of names, whose work is either intimately or loosely synonymous with a pop art aesthetic within their various genres. With a directive to err on the darker end of the spectrum, such artists as Scott Musgrove, Mark Dean Veca, Buff Monster, Glenn Barr, Brian Despain, Esao Andrews and Gaia produced work that was decidedly foreboding, […]

Preview: “Garfield” @ The Hundreds

Continuing with the recent trend of pop culture themed group shows, The Hundreds will be hosting an exhibition on Thursday, November 9th featuring the beloved feline comic strip legend – Garfield. Not only will the show feature a nice list of artists including Barry McGee, Mark Dean Veca, Nate Frizzell, Dave Kinsey, Usugrow, Travis Phil Lumbang, and more, but the creator of Garfied, Jim Davis wll be in the house. Take a look at more preview images as well as the full list of artists […]

Openings: “Family Tradition” curated by Ron English @ TT Underground Gallery

AM caught the opening of “Family Tradition” at TT Underground Gallery. Curated by Ron English, the group show re-imagines one of the classic mob sagas through the eyes of art. The show featured artists such as Eric White, Travis Louie, Mark Dean Veca, Triston Eaton, Mike Shinoda, Chet Zar to name a few. Check out all the opening night mayhem after he jump.

Openings: Mark Dean Veca – “When The Shit Hits The Fan” @ Western Project

Last night, Western Project hosted “When The Shit Hits The Fan”, the newest solo show from Mark Dean Veca (featured). The spacious Culver City gallery was a nice backdrop for Mark’s impressive large scale paintings featuring his highly stylized renderings of familiar pop icons. The body of work is Mark’s reaction to the world today, a sort of an artistic state of the union address detailing his thoughts behind the economy, war, greed, corporate malfeasance, and more. More opening pics after the jump…

Releases: Mark Dean Veca – “As Cold As They Come” Gun Sculpt

One of the shows we are looking forward to this weekend is Mark Dean Veca’s (interviewed) “When the Shit Hits The Fan” at Western Project. You can look at our recent studio visit to get idea of the new body of work, but what we wanted to tell you about is a limited edition gun that is being released by Big Shot Toyworks entitled “As Cold As They Come” – a nod to a similarly named show in NY where the painting this sculpt is […]

Studio Visits / Preview: Mark Dean Veca – “When The Shit Hits The Fan” @ Western Project

A little while back, we stopped by Mark Dean Veca’s (interviewed) studio to get a glimpse at his new body of work “When The Shit Hits The Fan” – a kind of metaphor for the state of the world today. The show opening next Saturday night, Sept 18th, at Western Project will be his first solo show in Los Angeles and is a collection of thematically cohesive paintings he has been working on since his show at Jonathan LeVine last year. With some of his […]

Openings: “Love Conquers All” @ Thinkspace Gallery

Last Saturday night, AM stopped by the “Love Conquers All” show in Culver City at the Thinkspace Gallery. The exhibition’s concept was based on the struggle of the gay community for equality with part of the proceeds were donated to Equality California. Things don’t always turn out well for themed group shows, but this time, many of the artists were able to maintain their signature imagery yet at the same time subtly produce relevant works. More images from the opening after the jump…

Update: Mark Dean Veca – “When the Shit Hits the Fan” @ Western Project

AM stopped by Mark Dean Veca’s (interviewed) studio last week to take a look at the new body of work for his show at Western Project, opening September 18. When we first brought you a teaser image last month, there wasn’t a name for the show, but now it’s tentatively entitled “When the Shit Hits the Fan.” The paintings for the show fit thematically together and will make more sense of the recent work you have seen from Mark. Keep it locked here as we’ll […]

Preview: “Love Conquers All” @ Thinkspace Gallery

This Saturday night, August 7th, Thinkspace Gallery will be hosting “Love Conquers All”, a group show supporting the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender) struggle with 20% of the proceeds donated to Equality California. Looking through the preview, there really are some pretty strong pieces in this show from many of the artists that we cover here on AM. Take a look at a full list of the artists as well as more preview pics after the jump…

Teaser: Mark Dean Veca @ Western Project

It’s been awhile since we last saw Mark Dean Veca (interviewed) at his solo show opening in New York at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery, but now we can bring you a new painting by the Los Angeles based artist. This new “Scrooge” piece, done in the usual MDV “Toile de Jouy” style, is slated to be part of his solo show in September at Western Project, the site of an earlier group show he was part of. We’ll have more for you as the show […]