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Teaser: Nick Walker – “In Gods We Trust” @ Art Sensus

Nick Walker (interviewed) will return to his home country of the UK to unveil a new exhibition “In Gods We Trust”. His latest solo since his sold-out exhibition at Black Rat Press (covered) will deal with the theme that explores the turbulent religious and political landscapes that surround us today. The exhibition opens in London’s Art Sensus Gallery October 13th. When Nick visited NYC he showed us a brief preview of his studio (via iphone) with in-progress works of this coming show. Check out a close […]

Streets: Nick Walker – “Dopey” in Paris

Our friend Nick Walker (interviewed) is at it again, this time in France. He sent us some pics of the latest piece entitled “Dopey”. It’s his little twist on what he calls the “Dwarfs.” This is Nick’s most recent work on the streets of Paris since his Le Coran-can. Nice little tag there Nick, wonder what’s coming next? Update: The location is rue Oberkampf situated in the 11th district (Croisement et de St Maur dans le 11ème) next to La place verte. It’s created with support from the LeMur Association. Check […]

Streets: Nick Walker – “Amerikarma” in Williamsburg

Before we hit up the Meat Packing District with Nick Walker (interviewed), we spent the day in Williamsburg on the corner of Roebling & Metropolitan working on another mural. This “legal” project location was graciously provided by our friends at Brooklyn Street Art. Under the sweltering heat, Nick pulled out his latest stencil “Amerikarma”. We thought it would be a simple project, but the detailed oriented Mr. Walker took this project very seriously and dedicated over 5 hours working the Bullets & Stripes mural. Check […]

Streets: Nick Walker – “Nutterfly” in NYC

Nick Walker (interviewed) spent the past two weeks in New York City hitting up various spots with his special brand of stencil magic. He invited AM along on some interactive action with the local urban landscape – some legal and some well … let’s just keep it on the downlow. Scouting the Chelsea/meatpacking district for “prime & available” real estate can be tad difficult at 3 pm in the afternoon, but after a few laps at the usual haunts, we stumbled across the classic mural […]

Benefit: Nick Walker – The Helium Foundation Charity Auction

We recently brought you news of a new Nick Walker stencil on the streets of Bristol and here is a piece with related imagery that will be available at auction soon. The unique canvas piece above is entitled “Addiction”, created and donated by Nick for an auction benefiting the Parachute Regiment Charity to be held by The Helium Foundation at London’s Guildhall on June 3rd. Nick donated the piece to help raise some funds for the families of soldiers who loose their lives, and for […]

Streets: Nick Walker in Bristol

Most butterflies can only be expected to live for a week or two, but this little winged creature from Nick Walker only lasted for 7 hours before it was tagged over. Such is the nature of street art, but it must be pretty frustrating to see your hard work tagged over with something of little value. The mural is in Bristol, and went up earlier this week. Nick told us he went back yesterday to go over it again. We reckon version number 2 looks […]

Video: Nick Walker – “Le Corancan”

Nick Walker (interviewed) just sent us over a little video he put together of the “Le Corancan” piece we showed you earlier that he put up in France. It’s always nice to see Nick in action especially with this complex stencil. Discuss Nick Walker here.

Streets: Nick Walker – “Le Coran-can”

Nick Walker (interviewed) just threw up this sick stencil on Quai De Valmy in central Paris.  The message is particularly timely because of Sarkozy’s attempts to prohibit the wearing of the burkha and it looks as though the government may be getting ready to ratify the ban. The piece is entitled “Le Coran-can,” perhaps a wordplay on Koran and the can-can?

Basel Week Miami ’09 – Primary Flight Wrap-up

Following up on our extensive coverage of this year’s Art Basel Miami, AM is proud to present the last of our posts on one of the country’s most exciting outdoor mural projects: Primary Flight.  With an all-star roster comprising of this year’s lineup, it was near impossible to be everywhere at once, catching every tag, stencil, wheatpaste, throw up and mural.  We were able however to catch up with some pretty heavy hitters on our last day in town…. artists such as Mear One, EWOK, Tristan […]

Basel Week Miami ’09: Nick Walker – Primary Flight Mural

One of the artists we got to hang out with this year at Art Basel was Nick Walker, who flew in all the way over from the UK. If you liked the “mood board” piece that Nick sent us a photo of from his recent trip in Japan, then you’ll like what he did for Primary Flight this year. For these types of murals, Walker likes to mix different elements of his imagery into one integrated piece. In fact, you may want to check out […]