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Preview: Josh Keyes @ Roq La Rue

Later tonight at the Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle, Josh Keyes (interviewed) will be unveiling all new paintings alongside works from John Brophy. The small soldout showing features six of Keyes’ signature isolated environments, or organic cubism if you will, that seem to continue the narrative seen with an earlier piece, Exodus 1 – which also happens to be the image used for the associated print release. Get there early as it sounds like a line has already formed leading up to the opening at […]

Preview: Marco Mazzoni – “River of Milk” @ Roq La Rue

This Friday night (October 12th), the Roq La Rue Gallery will be welcoming in new works from Italian painter Marco Mazzoni in an exhibition entitled River of Milk. Rendered completely in layered colored pencil, his typical facial portraits are encircled by sumptuous flora and fauna bursting with color and complexity. It looks like for his first solo in the United States, he has also included some smaller works of creatures hybrids from his The Encyclopedia of Impossible Animals series. Mazzoni will be showing alongside paintings from Joseph Park. Discuss this […]

Upcoming: Marco Mazzoni @ Roq La Rue

Coming up in October, artist Marco Mazzoni will be presenting a new body of work at the Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle. The solo show will feature his surreal nature-infused portraits all rendered exquisitely in his signature use of color pencils like the piece in progress seen above. Also take a look at the sketch for his flyer in the moleskin pic below… Discuss Marco Mazzoni here.

Preview: “Lush Life Four” @ Roq La Rue

Tomorrow night at Roq La Rue, the fourth rendition of their Lush Life group show will open with a diverse mix of artists including Camille Rose Garcia, Chris Berens (above), Madeline Von Foerster, Travis Louie, Glenn Barr, Ti Kunkit, Seamus Conley, Annie Owens, Sam Wolfe Connolley, Laurie Lee Brom, Lindsey Carr, Jessica Joslin, Michael Alm, Handiedan, Peter Ferguson, Zoe Williams, and Eric Fortune (seen directly below). The exhibition features work from artists with imagery that shows a sense of opulence, decadence, or lushness. Discuss this show here.

Teaser: “Lush Life Four” @ Roq La Rue

Next week, August 10th to be precise, the Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle will be hosting the opening of their fourth annual Lush Life group show (see 2011, 2010, and 2009). Again, the list of artists include many that have been featured here before on the pages of AM like Camille Rose Garcia, Chris Berens, Madeline Von Foerster, Travis Louie, Glenn Barr, Ti Kunkit, Seamus Conley, Sam Wolfe Connolley, Laurie Lee Brom, Lindsey Carr, Jessica Joslin, Michael Alm, Handiedan, Peter Ferguson, Zoe Williams, and more. Take […]

Upcoming: Josh Keyes @ Roq La Rue

With his exhibition at the University of Arizona’s Joseph Gross Gallery already open to the public (we’ll bring you photos of the opening reception coming up on August 30th), Josh Keyes (interviewed) is already working on his next showing. Hopefully, this painting from a new studio shot will be part of the upcoming show in Seattle as it already has hard core Keyes fans salivating at a resurrection of some of his most iconic “treadmill” imagery (some examples below). His show with John Brophy opens at Roq […]

Preview: Lindsey Carr – “The Augmented Animal” @ Roq La Rue

After coming away impressed after Lindsey Carr’s showing in Los Angeles back in September of last year (covered), we have been looking forward to seeing more from the Scotland-based artist. This next opportunity will come in the Pacific Northwest as she will be opening a show alongside Handiedan at the Roq La Rue Gallery. Taking inspiration from Audubon illustrations and an interest in the natural world, Carr is able to render vintage looking paintings with a surreal touch that deserve a look in person if you […]

Showing: Nicoletta Ceccoli – “Girls Don’t Cry” @ Roq La Rue

While in Seattle, we stopped by the Roq La Rue Gallery to check out the newest solo show from Nicoletta Ceccoli (interviewed). Girls Don’t Cry continues the San Marino-based artist’s series of paintings featuring young girls in precarious fairy-tale like situations, all rendered beautifully in her soft palette and touch. Included were several paintings that might make fans of vegetables consider going back to eating meat… More photos after the jump…

Preview: Nicoletta Ceccoli – “Girls Don’t Cry” @ Roq La Rue

After a showing near her home country of San Marino at the end of 2010 (covered), gifted artist and illustrator Nicoletta Ceccoli (interviewed) will be putting her works on display in a more distant land – Seattle, Washington – come next Saturday, January 14th. Girls Don’t Cry at the Roq La Rue Gallery has the painter returning for her first showing there since 2009 and will feature delicate renderings of her girls of tainted innocence. More preview images after the jump…

Openings: “Lush Life 3” @ Roq La Rue

Earlier this month, the Roq La Rue hosted the third rendition of the Lush Life group show. As usual, a impressive lineup of artists (many who have showed with or will show in the future with the Seattle gallery) joined in on the fun including Femke Hiemstra, Chris Berens, Josh Keyes, John Brophy, Travis Louie, Marco Mazzoni, Jessica Joslin, Joseph Park, Mia Araujo, and more. See more opening photos via Hi-Fructose after the jump…