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Preview: “Lush Life 3” @ Roq La Rue

Tomorrow night, December 9th, the third rendition of Lush Life will be showing at the Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle. As usual, the lineup is a stellar collection of purveyors of pop surrealism and includes the likes of Femke Hiemstra, Chris Berens, Josh Keyes, John Brophy, Travis Louie, Marco Mazzoni, Jessica Joslin, Joseph Park, Mia Araujo, and more. Take a look at more preview images after the jump…

Previews: Femke Hiemstra – “The Timid Cabbage” @ Roq La Rue

Tomorrow night, November 11th, Seattle’s Roq La Rue plays host to a new exhibition from Dutch painter Femke Hiemstra. She just showed in LA in July in a three-person show and this time will be showing alongside Ryan Heshka (just like in 2010) with a series of 11 drawings based on the poem The Timid Cabbage by Charles Krafft. Each drawing goes with a stanza, and that stanza is written on the surrounding mat by Femke. More preview images after the jump…

Teaser: Andy Kehoe – “Arise, Feral Night” @ Roq La Rue

We were browsing the always excellent Erratic Phenomena recently and came across this painting from Andy Kehoe where one of his creatures gaze out into the cosmos. If this painting and the title of the show, Arise, Feral Night, is any indication, then darkness has indeed fallen over the autumnal world of the Pittsburgh-based painter. The show opens October 14th at Roq La Rue. Discuss this show here. Discuss Andy Kehoe here.

Preview: Yumiko Kayukawa – “Coming Home” @ Roq La Rue

Tonight at Roq La Rue, Japanese artist Yumiko Kayukawa will be introducing a new body of work in her home city entitled Coming Home, which will also be her first solo at the gallery since 2002. The Seattle-based painter has been working to expand her narrative since her show in San Francisco in March (covered) and continues her fascination with her female protagonists and their animal friends presented in complex compositions. More preview images after the jump…

Preview: “The Blab! Show” @ Roq La Rue

Featuring a stellar lineup of artists, the Roq La Rue gallery will be hosting the reoccurring The Blab! Show with Krampus being the theme this time. Familiar regulars such as Nicoletta Ceccoli, Travis Louie, Martin Wittfooth, Ana Bagayan, Brian Despain, Dan May, Shag, Andy Kehoe, and some other talent new to AM will be painting their versions of the mythical creature. Judging from the piece above, there will be some spanking and other punishments in Seattle when this Friday, August 12th rolls around. More preview […]