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Preview: Seamus Conley & Peter Ferguson – “I Think We’re Alone Now” & “Black Jubilee” @ Roq La Rue

On Friday night (March 8th), Roq La Rue will be hosting the opening for exhibitions from Seamus Conley and Peter Ferguson. I Think We’re Alone Now consists paintings from the San Francisco-based Conley featuring of figures set against hazy and surreal backdrops that have a dream-like or sci-fi fell to them. In contrast, Ferguson is a painter from Montreal who combines the fantastical with scenes of explorers and adventurers, all rendered with the feel of early 20th century small town Americana. Discuss this show here.

Openings: Sam Wolfe Connelly & Casey Curran: “Nocturne” & “Dissymmetry” @ Roq La Rue

Sam Wolfe Connelly (seen above) recently opened his solo show titled Nocturne at Roq La Rue. Film-like grain permeates his graphite drawings, with subject matter lending itself heavily to the eeriness of a moonlit night spent in the woods, where whispers can be heard if you listen hard enough. Interspersed between them are oil paintings, predominated in orange and red hues, which pull the viewer out of the trance that the monotone pieces create. A couple conte on mylar pieces are also added to mix, and […]

Preview: Sam Wolfe Connelly – “Nocturne” @ Roq La Rue

Tonight in Seattle, Sam Wolfe Connelly has a solo show opening at the Roq La Rue gallery featuring his dark and mysterious imagery. The NY-based painter will be putting a new body of work on display entitled Nocturne which will introduce art fans to his visual language which is at the same time delicately beautiful and sinister at the same time. The show runs through March 2nd for those in the area. Discuss Sam Wolfe Connelly here.

Openings: “I’ll Love You ‘Til The End of the World” @ Roq La Rue

The I’ll Love You ‘Til The End of the World group show opened at Roq La Rue this past Friday to a large crowd which simultaneously got to see some great art and escaped the freezing temperatures outside. The title of the show is based upon a Nick Cave song of the same name, which finds the protagonist just after a bomb blast rocks a hotel as he speeds away, thanking his girl continually in the chorus. While some of the artists rendered the lyrics in […]

Upcoming: “I’ll Love You ‘Til The End Of The World” @ Roq La Rue

One of the first worthy group shows of the year comes from the Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle (opening January 11th). Featuring work inspired by a play on what the mayans were expecting at the end of last year, artist including Camille Rose Garcia, Chris Berens, Femke Hiemstra, John Brophy, Martin Wittfooth (last image), Jean-Pierre Roy, Marco Mazzoni, Scott Musgrove (above), Eric Fortune (2nd image), Sail, Laurie Lee Brom, Sarah Dolby, Jane Kenoyer, and Nicola Verlato will be contributing pieces for the exhibition. Take […]

Previews: Ryan Heshka – “Disasterama” @ Roq La Rue

Later tonight, Ryan Heshka will be unveiling a new body of work (alongside Femke Hiemstra) at the Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle entitled Disasterama. The showing will feature the Vancouver-based painter’s Golden Era sci fi pulp-inspired pieces that feature the tension between man & nature (and otherworldly creatures) and often touches on technology & science in the imagery. Check out more preview images below… Discuss this show here.

Preview: Femke Hiemstra – “Let The Devil Wear Black” @ Roq La Rue

On Friday night, the Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle will be presenting all new works from Femke Hiemstra (showing alongside Ryan Heshka). Let The Devil Wear Back will feature the Dutch artist’s mixed media paintings as well as black & white drawings that chronicle the stories of mysterious animals (like cats!) as well as come-to-life inanimate objects. These dark fairytale scenes are often rendered on found objects like books and boxes, further enhances each piece’s whimsy and “magical powers.” Discuss this show here.

Openings: John Brophy – “New Songs for the Standard Model” @ Roq La Rue

Last Friday, AM traveled to Seattle to attend a couple shows at the Roq La Rue Gallery. Not only did we have the privilege to enjoy Josh Keyes’ fantastic new paintings, but we also took time to take in John Brophy’s new body of work entitled New Songs for the Standard Model. Brophy’s intense imagery often features scientific formulas, symbology, Asian-influenced references and artifacts of the modern world. This particular group of paintings on display was inspired by the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle this summer by […]

Upcoming: Femke Hiemstra – “Let The Devil Wear Black” @ Roq La Rue

Next month in Seattle, the Roq La Rue Gallery will be hosting a joint show with Femke Hiemstra and Ryan Heshka entitled Let The Devil Wear Black. Hiemstra has been spending lots of time on an new body of work featuring her anthropomorphized animals and their surreal adventures – all rendered exquisitely. Here are some glimpses of the Dutch artist’s new painting, but plan to attend the opening (scheduled for December 7th) if you are in the area. Discuss Femke Hiemstra here.

Openings: Josh Keyes @ Roq La Rue

Last night in Seattle, after quickly selling out his charity print release, Josh Keyes (interviewed) drew back the curtains on an intriguing new collection of paintings that had been in the works for a while. Expanding on the imagery introduced at the end of last year with his Exodus 1 piece (which also made the show on loan from the collector), the Portland-based artist took a nostalgic look back at the influential visits to the Barnum & Bailey circus as a child, but through the lens of the less innocent […]