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Streets: Escif – “The Flowers Of Evil” Series

Prolific artist Escif recently started a series of murals entitled Les Fleurs Du Mal, or The Flowers of Evil painted in different cities in Europe like Besançon (France), Zagreb (Croatia), Navarra & Albacete (Spain), Niort (France), and his home city of Valencia (Spain). The different species of flowers (like hemlock, nightshade, wolfsbane, and more), all beautiful in their own right, all have deadly effects when combined with human biology. Check out more information on his blog, including some historical context and enjoy the rest of the photos below… […]

Merry Christmas from Escif

One of the most prolific street artists out there, Escif, apparently hasn’t taken Christmas off. He’s been on a roll as of late with increasingly more edgy and political imagery (for example here & here), not surprising as the depressing situation in Spain is fertile ground for inspiration. This recent wall in Valencia features his take on the Christmas tree. Discuss Escif here.

Streets: Escif (Spain)

Sparked by the recent pardoning of policemen convicted of beating an innocent man in Spain, Escif as painted a new mural in Valencia entitled Swan Lake. Taking inspiration from a recent video of the incident captured on tape (seen below) and set to the music of Swan Lake, the Spanish street artist has taken the liberty to add tutus to the officers in action. More detailed shots below… Discuss Escif here.

Streets: DesOrdes Creativas (Part III) – Liqen

After heavy hitters like the Italians Blu & Ericailcane did their thing at the DesOrdes Creativas Festival in Spain, Mexico’s finest Liqen has traveled to the town of Ordes to make his own mark. Seemingly taking a page from the political and figurative work of Blu, Liqen has painted a beautifully rendered mural of  a giant hand with a Shell logo ring sweeping their dirty laundry under the “rug.” Check the details below… Discuss Liqen here.

Streets: Liqen (Spain)

Recently, the Mexico-based Liqen travelled to Galicia, Spain to get some work in. One of the resulting murals was this stunning new piece featuring the legend of the white boar, with some of his signature surreal touches thrown in. What stood out for us was not must the detailed execution, but also the beautiful lush palette he utilized. Check out more detailed pics below… Discuss Liqen here.

Streets / Videos: ABOVE – “24% DESEMPLEADOS” (Spain)

The Bay Area-based ABOVE (interviewed) was recently invited to paint at the 7th annual International art festival ASALTO in Zaragoza, Spain. He chose a 120 foot long wall to highlight an issue that has been front and center for the people of the country – their 24% unemployment rate (the unemployment rate for those under 25 years old, is a staggering 53%). He enlisted the help of the local Spanish people who posed in his studio to have their silhouettes traced for the project.  Check the video and more photos […]

Streets: Desordes Creativas Festival (Part II) – Ericailcane

On many occasions in the past, where you find Italian street artist Blu putting in work, you will see his equally gifted compatriot Ericailcane getting up as well. The Desordes Creativas Festival in Spain is no different (see Blu’s piece here) as the “Eric the Dog” has produced a mural in his narrative style featuring what look to be the prey revolting against the “king” bird. The gifted street painter certainly has a way of composition and style that makes the viewer wonder what part of an epic tale […]

Streets: Escif (Spain)

It looks like Escif was caught up with the Euro 2012 fever that had his home country in its grip as he painted this piece entitled The Rescue leading up to the final. After Spain was crowned the UEFA champion, the street artist turned his attention to more serious topics with a mural (seen below) dealing with the cuts the country has had implement as it becomes increasingly mired in the financial crisis of Europe. Discuss Escif here.

Streets: Escif (Valencia)

If you have been following the news, you may have heard about the student protests going on in Spain in response to the cuts to education spending as part of the country’s austerity measures. Not helping things are the heavy-handed response by police in Valencia. Of course, prolific local street muralist Escif had something to say about it – in the form of public art. More examples after the jump…

Streets: Hyuro (Spain)

Another quality mural on the streets has surfaced from Argentinian-born and now Spain-based artist Hyuro. It seems she is maintaining her strong work ethic since her solo show in Zurich at the end of last year with this new piece in Valencia, another wall we just featured last week, and some gallery work for a New York group show. One more look at this wall after the jump…