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Teaser: Basel Week Miami ’10 – “Urban Alchemists” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

With Art Basel Miami Beach swiftly approaching more and more details are beginning to surface from galleries involved in the new contemporary and street art movements. To coincide with this years event, Jonathan LeVine Gallery will be taking over a cavernous 2,200 square-foot space in the Wynwood Walls section, which last year was a successful inaugural run at an outdoor mural space within the fair conceived of by legendary Jeffrey Deitch and which will now become a permanent fixture for street artists to showcase their […]

Teaser: Basel Week Miami ’10 – “It Ain’t Fair” @ OHWOW

As Art Basel Miami Beach continues to strengthen it’s foothold as one of the premiere global contemporary art fairs, South Beach native OHWOW will yet again be an important player in the week’s festivities with their third installment of the now famous It Ain’t Fair. With many of the local gallery’s own roster of artists, along with many returning cross-genre art superstars from last years ambitious showing (covered), the annual well-endowed group exhibition will be required viewing for all traveling down to The Sunshine State […]

Teaser: Ryan McGinley – “Life Adjustment Center” @ Ratio3

Get ready San Francisco because one of the art world’s leading young photographers is coming to your city at the end of October.  That’s right, Ryan McGinley’s next solo exhibition will take place at Ratio 3, opening on Oct. 29.  As with all McGinley shows, it will be highly anticipated and it will be huge.  Stay tuned for more information.

Teasers: Glen E. Friedman “Fuck You All” w/ Special Guest Shepard Fairey @ 941 Geary

It’s about time we broke some news that we’ve been holding our breath on. Glen E. Friedman is going to exhibit his “Fuck You All” show on November 6th at SF’s 941 Geary Gallery. The renowned photographer whom has transcended generations with his iconic snapshots of hip hop and punk legends. Documenting many cornerstone figures/groups prior to their crossover into mainstream cultural acceptance; Glen has worked with the likes of Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, Tony Alva, Bad Brains and Cornell West to name just a few. […]

Teasers: Hush – “Distant Portrait Series” @ Shooting Gallery NYC Pop-Up

We recently gave you a look at the latest batch of work that Hush (interviewed) has been working on. This series named “Distant Portraits” focuses more on the intent and emotions of his mysterious Geishas in the urban environment. Our question was where is it going to be shown at? We’re happy to announce that New York will be the next stop in Hush’s tour. After shows in Los Angeles and San Francisco, Hush will finally be landing in the Big Apple for a pop-up gallery show presented […]

Teaser: Dave Kinsey – “New Works” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Dave Kinsey will be making his return to New York City next month with a new body of works at the Joshua Liner Gallery. It’s one that we’ve been looking forward to as his style has evolved into something that’s even more hypnotic and symbolic than we’ve been used to. The show opens September 9th (6-9pm) with Dave and a few special friends in attendance. (Note the new time as Joshua Liner Gallery will now be holding their openings on Thursday nights.) We’ll have more […]

Teaser: Nick Walker – “In Gods We Trust” @ Art Sensus

Nick Walker (interviewed) will return to his home country of the UK to unveil a new exhibition “In Gods We Trust”. His latest solo since his sold-out exhibition at Black Rat Press (covered) will deal with the theme that explores the turbulent religious and political landscapes that surround us today. The exhibition opens in London’s Art Sensus Gallery October 13th. When Nick visited NYC he showed us a brief preview of his studio (via iphone) with in-progress works of this coming show. Check out a close […]

Teaser: Jeff Koons @ Galerie Jerome De Noirmont

Looks like Jeff Koons will be visiting France again. Back again 2 years after his exhibition in Versailles, Jeff Koons is set to open his latest show of his famed Popeye series at France’s Galarie Jerome De Noirmont. The opening will occur September 16th and coincidentally will be the same weekend his peer Takashi Murakami opens his solo at Versailles. Via Happy Famous Artists. Discuss Jeff Koons here.

Teaser: Kris Kuksi @ Scope Basel (Switzerland)

After great shows in San Francisco (covered) and New York (covered), it’s about time that master sculptor Kris Kuksi flexes his muscles across the ocean. Joshua Liner Gallery will host Kris Kuski’s latest body of work to be exhibited at Scope Art Fair at this year’s Basel Week in Switzerland. Look for AM to give you an on-site look at this year’s Basel Week from Switzerland. Discuss Kris Kuksi here. Join Kris Kuksi’s facebook fanpage here.

Teasers: Skullphone – “Digital Media” @ Subliminal Projects

LA based street artist Skullphone is coming back to home to show at Subliminal Projects on June 5th. Known well for jacking and flipping billboards in the streets we look forward to Skullphone doing some street runs in anticipation for this event. Maybe we’ll see something similar to our favorite “Skully” projects in which the street artist hacked into an electronic billboard and reprogrammed it to display his infamous skull and cell phone image. Check out more after the jump.