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Previews: Tiffany Bozic – “Qualia” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

For Tiffany Bozic’s third exhibition opening October 16th at Joshua Liner Gallery (see 2010 & 2012), she has produced a stunning new series of paintings artistically exploring how various species (including our own) perceive the world around them. Entitled Qualia, the nine works of acrylic on maple panel showcases the San Francisco-based painter’s continued refinement and of her increasingly complex and detailed style. She further explains: “I call this show Qualia, which refers to individual subjective properties of our own conscious experiences. The way you experience the color blue […]

Releases: Tiffany Bozic – “Strigiformes” Print

In association with her recent showing at the Fecal Face Dot Gallery in San Francisco, Tiffany Bozic has released a print entitled Strigiformes. The striking image of a series of overlapping owls is a reproduction of a painting from the exhibition and is available now. It will be produced in a run of 100, is sized at 20″ x 16.5″ (12″ x 16″ image), and cost $165. Head over here if you want to add this to your collection. Discuss Tiffany Bozic here.  

Upcoming: Tiffany Bozic – “Sense of Wonder” @ FFDG

On October 18th, the Fecal Face Dot Gallery will be welcoming back (see 2008) Tiffany Bozic for a solo showing in The Mission in San Francisco. Drawing from her life-long love of nature, the Bay Area artist will be presenting a new body of work entitled Sense of Wonder. Bozic often adds surreal twists and turns to her vibrant portraiture of creatures in the wild, leading to imaginative compositions that startle the mind. We look forward to seeing what she has planned for this show, but for […]

Openings: Direct Address @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Last week, we attended Joshua Liner’s opening of his new Chelsea gallery with a group exhibition entitled Direct Address. The expansive ground-floor space was filled with a impressive collection of works by The Clayton Brothers, David Ellis,  Evan Hecox, Jean-Pierre Roy, Kris Kuksi (above), Richard Colman, Stephen Powers, SWOON, Tomokazu Matsuyama, Tony Curanaj and others. The event surely heralds great things for the future of the gallery. See all our pics from the opening below.

Openings: Tiffany Bozic – “Transformation” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

If you have never seen the work of Tiffany Bozic in person, then there is no better time than the present. Her solo show Transformation sprawled through-out the Joshua Liner Gallery this past month and will run through December 1st. Tiffany has devoted her young life nerding out on the intricacies of nature. Not just on a recreational level, but scientifically as well, no doubt drawing inspiration from her specimen studies at the the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco where she now resides. Given the […]

Preview: Tiffany Bozic – “Transformation” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Thursday night (November 1st), the Joshua Liner Gallery in New York will be hosting a new solo show from Tiffany Bozic. Returning to the site of her solo in 2010 (covered),  the SF-based painter will be presenting Transformation, a collection of acrylic on maple panel works that feature her meticulous rendering of animal and plant subjects. For this show, Bozic explores themes are informed by her experiences of motherhood. She states: “From the shifting perspective of a new mom, I thought a lot about the planet into which I […]

Releases: Tiffany Bozic – “Drawn By Instinct” Monograph

It’s been a while (2010) since we met up with gifted painter Tiffany Bozic, but now comes news that a book she has been working on is finally ready. Drawn By Instinct, produced by Gingko Press, includes over 150 color illustrations in its 192 pages featuring her beautiful renderings of the natural world. To kick things off for the release, she will be giving a talk at the SF Public Library on Tuesday (September 4th) at 6:00pm. Via Upper Playground. Discuss Tiffany Bozic here.

Openings: “Summer Group Exhibition” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Last week, Joshua Liner Gallery held its annual Summer Group Exhibition. We were excited about the diverse showcase of talent as this has been a perennial preview of the talent which will be gracing the walls of the gallery for this upcoming art season. We saw faces old and new to the Liner’s diverse and talented stable of artists. It seemed like Alfred Steiner (seen above), Clayton Brothers, Cleon Peterson, Damon Soule, Daniel Rich, David Ellis, Ian Francis (seen above), Jean-Pierre Roy, Kris Kuksi, Mars-1, Oliver Vernon, Pema […]

Upcoming: “Summer Group Exhibition” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

With the opening reception set for this Thursday, August 2nd, it’s about time we told you about the Summer Group Exhibition at the Joshua Liner Gallery. The attractive lineup includes artists Alfred Steiner, Clayton Brothers, Cleon Peterson, Damon Soule, Daniel Rich, David Ellis, Ian Francis (seen above), Jean-Pierre Roy, Kris Kuksi, Mars-1, Oliver Vernon, Pema Rinzin, Riusuke Fukahori, Tat Ito, Tiffany Bozic, and Tomokazu Matsuyama. If this is any indication of what to expect from the upcoming art season from the gallery, New Yorkers will […]

Openings: “Juxtapoz Turns 18” @ Copro Gallery

Last weekend in Santa Monica, Juxtapoz celebrated 18 years of sharing art with the masses with a group exhibition at the Copro Gallery. Featuring work from a plethora of creatives that have graced their pages and website through the years – from emerging artists to established giants including Robert Williams, Todd Schorr, Mark Ryden, Camille Rose Garcia, and more. Photos from the opening after the jump…