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Openings: TrustoCorp – “Life Cycle” @ Opera Gallery (NYC)

Trading in their guerrilla tactics for gallery motifs, TrustoCorp (featured) took to the posh Opera Gallery over the weekend for their third solo exhibition since inception three years ago. Spawned in the wake of a crashing economic system and a Congress rotten to the core, the increasingly ubiquitous and always creative street art collective stormed the SoHo space, transforming it into equal parts bizarro Chucky Cheese and political strategy room gone awry. Building upon their breakout New York solo exhibition last year, Life Cycle (previewed) […]

Studio Visits: TrustoCorp – “Life Cycle” @ Opera Gallery (NYC)

AM recently visited TrustoCorp’s secret lair in anticipation of their opening at New York’s Opera Gallery tomorrow, October 20th. The show entitled Life Cycle will be based around the aspects of growing up in the American culture including the life stages of childhood, puberty, adulthood and death. With works ranging in mediums from stained glass windows to board games to vintage arcade games, there willl be something for everybody. The Corp gave us a little tour of the new body of work as they bring […]

Previews: TrustoCorp – “Life Cycle” @ Opera Gallery (New York)

After a productive summer that saw a range of compelling street art interventions, including the Drive Thru Liposuction Station, faux tabloid magazines, mock reality TV ad disruptions, Hollywood Walk of Shame, as well as a series of their signature simulated signage, TrustoCorp will again move their work indoors for a followup New York gallery show to last year’s successful debut exhibition, An Overt Display of Mischief and Mayhem. Opening Thursday, October 20th, the Brooklyn-based collective will this time target the walls of Opera Gallery with their […]