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Rewind (April 22 – April 28)

This week’s Rewind feature is headlined by a Fragmentos, a fantastic new film detailing Vhils and his work in Brazil. The footage follows Mr. Farto and his crew as they work on making their imprint on various walls in Rio de Janeiro mixed with a montage of local flavor. Other notable videos include: Jasper Wong x Avant/Garde Diaries – The Simple Beauty of Just Coloring TrustoCorp bombs an abandoned theme park. New Rijksmuseum opening. Tilda Swinton sleeps in a box at MoMA. Samuel Bayer, discusses […]
TrustoCorp x Theonepointeight 39

Openings: TrustoCorp – “The Future Is Blight” @ Lebasse

Over the weekend, the TrustoCorp collective opened their solo show entitled The Future Is Blight at the LeBasse Projects in Culver City. Along with all new works featuring their subversive humor, many crafted from modified corporate logos, the LA-based crew also included large-scale versions of the co-branded cereal box (a collaboration with Shepard Fairey) that they have been surreptitiously placing at local supermarkets. They also revealed other boxes created with artists like The London Police and Dave Flores as well as a massive mural detailing the locations of The […]

Giveaways: TrustoCorp x OBEY Cereal (Los Angeles)

Our friends at TrustoCorp are back to their old tricks again. Known for their street interventions and “reverse shoplifting” (here & here), the collective is once again visiting stores and placing their products into the natural shopping environment. But, this time they’ve enlisted some help from some other artists. First up is a collaboration with Shepard Fairey where the new flavor of Trusto Cereal is the “OBEY” flavor – which combines their own signature tongue-and-cheek artwork with Shep’s classic Andre The Giant imagery. Expect little touches […]

Upcoming: TrustoCorp – “The Future is Blight” @ LeBasse Projects

On April 13th, the LeBasse Projects in Culver City will be presenting all new works from subversive street collective TrustoCorp. Entitled The Future Is Blight, the new series of sculpture, paintings, works on paper and prints from the locally-based crew will be sure to point out the follies of contemporary society and politics (specifically the city of Los Angeles and its dichotomy of poverty and wealth—Rodeo Drive versus Skid Row) in their usual humorous and satirical fashion. They state: “Underneath the glossy veneer of tabloid magazines […]

Streets: March 4 – March 10

After covering a flurry of street murals for the POW WOW event in Hawaii, it’s time for a return to the Streets World Roundup for a look around the globe. Our featured piece was painted in Fort De France, Martinique by Nuxuno Xän (source – photo by Rosali Rodrigues). Nice placement, no? Other worthy murals you might want to check out come from Herakut – Nepal, Sam3 – Chile, Ericailcane – Mexico (source), Askew – New Zealand (source), David de la Mano – Uruguay (source), […]

2012 Election: #GoVote – November 6th

It seemed like only yesterday that the some of the art world (here, here, here, here) helped boost Barack Obama into the White House. Now, it’s almost time for the 2012 elections and although the buzz created by the visual culture may not be as overwhelming as 2008, some artists are still taking a stand to make their voices heard. TrustoCorp created this image above reminding people to vote between hot dogs (Obama) & burgers (Romney) as there’s only one week left before Nov. 6th. Also […]

Showing: TrustoCorp – “International Bank of TrustoCorp” @ The Outsiders Gallery (Newcastle)

Earlier this month, the street collective TrustoCorp made their debut outside of the USA with a showing at Newcastle-based Outsiders gallery entitled International Bank of TrustoCorp. Bringing their special form of satire and political commentary, the crew put on display a series of works that transformed the gallery into a counterfeit counting house that examined the power of currency. They state: “We’re exploring the power of money in our lives on a local and international level. From the high power gambling of Wall Street to the broken dreams of Main […]

Preview: TrustoCorp – “The International Bank of TrustoCorp” @ The Outsiders Gallery (Newcastle)

The Brooklyn based street art collective, TrustoCorp have found themselves busy lately as you saw just yesterday here on Arrested Motion with their most recent bus stop campaign in Los Angeles. Now if that isn‘t ambitious enough for you, they have also managed to incorporate a pretty decent body of new work to open at the Newcastle-based Outsiders gallery tomorrow night (October 5th) all in typical TrustoCorp thumb your nose fashion. Here is a sneak peak below… Words by Manuel Bello. Discuss Trustocorp here.

Streets: Trustocorp (Los Angeles)

Street collective Trustocorp recently unleashed a new bus stop campaign in their usual tongue-in-cheek manner. The urban interventions were installed at various benches up and down Los Angeles, even with one that mirrored the imagery of the piece they put in our Beverly Hills group show, City of Fire, a while back. Take a look at more work in the photos below… Discuss Trustocorp here.

Openings: “Détournement: Signs of the Times” @ Jonathan Levine Gallery

Earlier this week, Jonathan Levine Gallery opened a unique group exhibition entitled Détournement: Signs of the Times. Curated by esteemed pop culture critic and senior editor of Paper magazine, Carlo McCormick, this collection of signed works represents “detournement” and the redirection brought upon intentionally by artists and their artwork in order to go against conventional flow. Included were a diverse list of artists from different genres and age groups like AIKO, Dan Witz, David Wojnarowicz (estate), Dylan Egon, EINE, Ilona Granet, Jack Pierson, John Law (Jack Napier), […]