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Streets: TrustoCorp in Los Angeles

TrustoCorp, who we last saw in Miami, has just hit the streets of Los Angeles with a batch of seven new hand painted street signs.  With campaigns planned in San Francisco, NC, Miami, Atlanta, Detroit, San Diego and Chicago all within the next few months, keep an eye out for TrustoCorp coming to a town near you. More pictures after the jump.

Basel Week Miami ’09 – TrustoCorp

In addition to the multitudes of already established and successful street artists working Primary Flight this year, AM managed to score a couple hours with the ever mysterious TrustoCorp as the enigmatic entity bolted up their trusty brand of altered and hand painted street signage. Following a successful blanketing of New York City’s financial district, TrustoCorp trucked down to Miami leaving a trail of subversive signs in their wake.  From what TrustoCorp told us, expect a pretty intense nationwide campaign to come to a city […]