Our friends at TrustoCorp are back to their old tricks again. Known for their street interventions and “reverse shoplifting” (here & here), the collective is once again visiting stores and placing their products into the natural shopping environment. But, this time they’ve enlisted some help from some other artists. First up is a collaboration with Shepard Fairey where the new flavor of Trusto Cereal is the “OBEY” flavor – which combines their own signature tongue-and-cheek artwork with Shep’s classic Andre The Giant imagery. Expect little touches such as interactive bar codes that actually work when scanned.

There’s 10 Trusto x Obey boxes that will be dropped in ten random supermarkets in the greater Los Angeles area at the end of this week. How do you find these? Well, stay tuned to the Trusto (@trustoCorp) and AM (@arrestedmotion) instagram pages as these will be the only places where the location will be revealed. Remember, it’s first come first serve, so good luck on figuring out how to get them out of the store!

In addition, for the rest of the month, Trusto will be dropping 10 cereal boxes a week. The following collaborations feature artists like The London Police, David Flores and Cyrcle.

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