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Releases: Zevs Liquidated Logo T-Shirt @ SLAGS

The site Secret Little Art Geeks (SLAGS), which has collaboratively produced limited edition T-shirts with such artists as John Baldessari, Curtis Kulig and Greg Lamarche, has just released a new shirt. Although cryptically listed on the site as being by “Anonymous,” the tee is in fact by the infamous French street artist Zevs (currently showing in New York), and features one of Zevs’ signature liquidated Chanel logos. It’s available for $35 here.

Showing: Zevs – “Liquidated Version” @ De Buck Gallery

We haven’t updated you on the whereabouts and works of Zevs in a while ever since his show and arrest in Hong Kong. It looks like the French street artist is currently showing at De Buck in New York with a new body of work entitled Liquidated Version. Continuing his assault on corporate identities and what they represent, the show features his signature dripping brand logos as well as other mix-media works. More photos after the jump…

Update: Zevs Arrest

According to the South China Morning Post, Zevs’ passport has been confiscated and it appears he is stuck in Hong Kong for the moment pending resolution of his court case. If you recall, he was arrested ahead of his “Liquidated Logos” show (covered) for painting one of his famous dripping Chanel logos on the outside of an Armani store in Central. The good news for him though is the amount of news coverage and publicity this is generating. Check out the video above where he […]

Openings: Zevs – “Liquidated Logos” @ Art Statements Gallery (Hong Kong)

AM stopped by Zevs’ “Liquidated Logos” exhibition at the Art Statements Gallery in Hong Kong to bring you an exclusive first look at this wild show. The French street artist known for “flipping the script” on world renowned brands such as Coca-Cola and Chanel, broadened his scope to include fashion icon Louis Vuitton. Using his trademark technique of “liquidation,” Zev showed the trendy residents of Hong Kong his reinterpretation of Murakami x Louis Vuitton’s famous “multi colore” pattern among one of many iconic logos he […]

Zevs Arrested Ahead of “Liquidated Logos” Show @ Art Statements Gallery (Hong Kong)

As has been reported on several websites and confirmed by Dominique Perregaux, owner of Art Statements Gallery, French street artist Zevs has been arrested for “bombing” a Chanel logo in Central, Hong Kong.  He was apparently demonstrating to the residents of HK his famous technique ahead of his aptly named show “Liquidated Logos” at Art Statements Gallery this Thursday night. Zevs chose 3 am as the time for “liquidation,” but true to HK’s reputation as the “city that never sleeps,” a passerby reported him to […]

Showing: Reinking Urban Art Collection @ Weserburg Museum (Germany)

Hamburg-based collector Rik Reinking is displaying his collection of urban art for all to see at the Weserburg Museum in Germany. The show includes works from Herbert Baglione, Banksy, Blu, Boxi, Brad Downey, Mark Jenkins, Miss Van, Mode 2, Os Gêmeos, Mirko Reisser (DAIM), Shepard Fairey, Space Invader, Swoon, Zevs among others. The exhibition will be supplemented by an attractive supporting program with workshops, walks through town, film evenings, discussions and work in the streets. Take a look at all the images after the jump.

Outsiders Selection @ Lazarides (Newcastle)

Another great group show is underway at Lazarides (Newcastle Location). This time, the exhibition that opened last weekend is entitled “Outsiders Selection” and features original paintings, prints and sculpture from Faile, Antony Micallef, Blu, Ian Francis, David Choe, JR, Conor Harrington, Damien Hirst, Paul Insect, Invader, Polly Morgan, Kelsey Brookes, Vhils, Jonathan Yeo, Herbert Baglione, Zevs, and more.  Although the art was mainly older work, there were many standout pieces including this stunning “Flying Copper” (seen above) by Banksy suspended in glass/plexi.  Many more pics […]

Outsiders @ The New Art Gallery Walsall

We recently showed you the stunning mural done by Conor Harrington for the “Outsiders” show at The New Art Gallery Walsall. Well, here are some more photos of the other artwork for you to peruse. The show features Blu, David Choe, Miranda Donovan, Faile, Conor Harrington, Todd James a.k.a REAS (seen above), Paul Insect, Invader, Lucy McLauchlan, Antony Micallef, Polly Morgan, JR, Vhils, Jonathan Yeo, and Zevs and appears to have some different pieces when compared to the “Outsiders” show in New York. Photos after […]