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Upcoming: Nicola Verlato – “Conquest of the West” @ KP Projects / MKG

Later tonight at the newly branded KP Projects / MKG (Merry Karnowsky Gallery),  Nicola Verlato (featured) will be opening his own solo along with KMNDZ. Following up on a successful showing there in 2013 (covered), the Italian artist will be presenting a new body of work collectively entitled Conquest of the West. Painted with inspiration from old masterworks yet with contemporary references, Verlato’s imagery is an intriguing mix of the familiar with a new twist. Discuss Nicola Verlato here.

Streets: Aaron Li-Hill (Los Angeles)

Tomorrow night (February 7th) in Los Angeles, Aaron Li-Hill will be presenting a new body of work at the C.A.V.E. Gallery in Los Angeles entitled Carbon. Focusing this time on his series portraying themes of man versus nature, in particular habitats threatened by the effects of industrialization, he has mirrored the new paintings with an impressive new mural. Take a look at more shots below… Discuss Aaron Li-Hill here.

Previews: Boris “Delta” Tellegen – “Current” @ Backslash

On February 12th, Boris “Delta” Tellegen will be unveiling a new body of work at Backslash in Paris entitled Current. His second solo with the gallery will see him further expand on his post-graffiti abstraction with a collection of works inspired by the electrical current, it’s movement and unbroken activity. Described by the Dutch artist as a synthesis of the various artistic periods in his career to date, the series will feature large assemblages of wood as well as smaller glued works on paper. Discuss […]
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Upcoming: “Sky-lit: Volume, Light, and Sound” @ The Broad

Art lovers in Los Angeles have been watching The Broad going up in downtown on the Grand Avenue arts corridor for a while now. With the public opening now set for September 20th featuring works from their 2000 piece permanent collection, Angelino’s will finally get to see the new contemporary art museum has in store for them. For those who can’t wait, there will be a special preview on February 15th where two temporary installations will be unveiled on the third floor entitled Sky-lit: Volume, Light, and Sound at The […]

POW! WOW! ’15 / Previews: Thinkspace – “Exploring The New Contemporary Movement” @ Honolulu Museum Of Art School

Continuing their involvement with POW! WOW! Hawaii, Thinkspace will be curating a second edition (see 2014) of their Exploring The New Contemporary Movement group exhibition for this year’s event. Artists were asked to contribute a 12 x 12″ piece for the show opening on February 7th at the Honolulu Museum Of Art School (111 Victoria Street). Participants include: 123Klan, Aaron Horkey, Adam Caldwell, Alex Yanes, Alexis Diaz, Allison Sommers, Amanda Marie, Amanda Lynn, Anders Gjennestag, Andrew Schoultz, Angry Woebots, Ariel DeAndrea, Brendan Monroe, Brett Amory, Brian […]

Streets: Peter Regli – “Snow Monsters” (New York)

Now through March 13th, Peter Regli’s Snow Monsters will be on view at Flatiron’s North Public Plaza in New York. The timely installation, presented by the Dominique Lévy Gallery in partnership with the NYC DOT Art Program and the Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership is just the latest project in the Swiss artist’s continuing Reality Hacking series, number 320 to be exact since 1996. The new work fits perfectly with his practice of “transforming existing elements in the streetscape or by inserting sculptures into an almost too-familiar setting.” As you can see from the photos, combined with the […]
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Previews: 1010 – “Limbus” @ Hashimoto Contemporary

Saturday night, February 7th, in San Francisco, Hashimoto Contemporary will be presenting the debut solo stateside show for street artist 1010. Limbus features works on paper that translate into a gallery setting what the German artist is famous for in his public mural – layered and multi-colored crevices seemingly extended deep into the side of buildings and structures. Attendees will witness a mini-version of this themselves as he is creating a installation piece inside the space itself. Enjoy some preview images below… Discuss 1010 here.

Releases: Candice Tripp – “I’m Coming Back Tomorrow To Look For More” Print

On February 5th (11 am GMT), Candice Tripp (interviewed) will be releasing a new print entitled I’m Coming Back Tomorrow To Look For More. Her first intaglio etching will be released in an edition of 25 through Black Rat Projects, come sized at 64.5 x 70 cm and cost £250. The UK-based artist further states – working on this etching has been my most challenging and enjoyable print to date. It felt a whole lot like looking for sweets in the dark.” Head over here for more details… Discuss […]

Swoon – “Swimming Cities of Serenissima” Final Resting Place

Fans who have followed Swoon’s (interviewed) career path have certainly heard of her famous Swimming Cities of Serenissima, a floating art installation last seen at the Brooklyn Museum last year. But what has become of that iconic DIY vessel since then? It looks like our friends at Brooklyn Street Art have the answer as they have documented the final resting place for one of the NY-based artist’s most recognizable creations. Swoon has decided to dock it in a wooded area away from the city where it can be […]

Streets: Escif (Madrid)

Spanish artist Escif recently completely a mural in Madrid with an interesting concept and backstory. He wanted to paint something outside of the residential building that showed what was actually inside the building inspired by the familiar phrase “we are what we eat.” The result was a piece that mimicked the wall paper inside as well as portrayed some of the people that lived there. Take a look at more photos below… Discuss Escif here.