Unfortunately, the looting that happened in Los Angeles did not leave artwork unscathed in certain locations. The iconic Haroshi (featured) middle finger sculpture that stood as the centerpiece at the HUF store since 2015 was damaged in the chaos of that weekend. The piece created from skateboard decks, as is the usual practice by the Japanese artist, has always stood as symbol of “fuck you” – a FU to “oppressors, to injustice, to violence, to racism, to authority, to inequality, and to anyone or anything working to divide or abuse our community.”

Amazingly, what happened to the sculpture, sans middle finger, has transformed it into a raised fist – the symbol of unity and justice for the BLM movement. Taking this serendipitous coincidence and turning it into a positive, the skate brand and Haroshi have now made available the HUF x Haroshi Justice tee, available still online for the rest of the weekend, with 100% of proceeds being donated to BLMLA. Also, a one off skate deck with the image is available for bidding here to support the same cause.