Grappling with PTSD from the current state of the world and his experiences from the riots of 1992, David Choe (featured) recently shared a series of new works on his instagram. Using abstract expressionism as a form of therapy and catharsis, the artist who grew up in Los Angeles channeled his pain and anger into gestural pieces that featured fighting opponents which he turned upside down and transformed into kissing faces. Watch the video for more details and to get a glimpse of his state of mind.

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I’m angry today, I have a dark heart so I will use the dark arts to transform dark to light.the dry brush technique is not loaded with ink but with emotion and As those emotions begin to boil over and we begin to lose our minds and act in ways that are uncharacteristic of us.Our cities begin to burn and be destroyed through hurtful words hurt feelings pain passing through us generation to generation moving into looting and pillaging .PTSD symptoms have flooded my emotions,I turned 44 years old last month, I told my fam I feel like something bad is gonna happen,I was a month off.april29th1992 I was 15 ,it seems like yesterday I watched my city burn.Instead of focusing on the pain and violence and getting caught up in all of the old memories im trying to find something positive in today.To be present, but to find a different way to synthesize the pain.  In the 90s my family lost everything we went on welfare and the trauma of that ended up dictating the next couple decades of my life.i didn’t care if I lived or I died I would gamble with my life I would seriously hurt myself in the name of art. I was hurting inside always .The fear/anxiety that it can all be taken away in a moment fueled all my behavior and that fear has not changed. today i choose to sit in it, to be in the moment,the discomfort of what is happening right now.My greatest fear that it would happen again.That the world isn’t safe.That no matter what happens i live in a world where im seen as lesser than.Today I fight not to go to my normal baseline when the world feels like it’s ending.visiting with my old gang, they’re all here harry hopelessness, sally selfdestruction, anarchy Angelo and chaos critter.I don’t want to live with my old trauma induced toxic roomates hypervigilence henly and anxiety anastasia.Today I choose to draw and paint my way out of the dark and try to find some relief, some light in what appears to be a total eclipse blackening the  the city I love.The city I was born and raised in Los Angeles. And maybe find connection with other people that aren't feeling there best right now.It’s very easy to paint hate,it’s easier to draw love i just have to loosen my jaw and let go

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