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Openings / Signings: “HEROES & VILLAINS” @ Launch LA

This past Thursday, Launch LA and ZERO+ Publishing put together a signing and release event to go along with the book titled Heroes & Villains with over thirty different artists featured in the book in attendance giving the fans a chance  to meet some of their favorite artists all in one place. This volume is a collection of incredible portraits shot and collected by photographers Tatiana Wills and Roman Cho during the last six years. The list of personalities included in this book feature a […]

Previews: Brett Amory – “White Light” @ Anno Domini

This Saturday, Brett Amory (interviewed) will be the opening a fresh show at San Jose’s Anno Domini gallery. The exhibition entitled White Light will be the complementary body of work to our recently covered Dark Light paintings shown at  Jonathan LeVine in July. From the images Brett sent us, you can see he has put together a diurnal continuation of his Waiting series. Check out a preview of the paintings and a video after the jump.
Tauba Auerbach Paulson Bott Plate Distortion print AM 1

Releases: Tauba Auerbach x Paulson Bott Press – “Etchings”

Rising star artist Tauba Auerbach has been working hard with the master printers at Paulson Bott Press to create five amazing new editions, which are scheduled to be released today. For these prints, Auerbach re-conceptualized the etching process of print-making, which basically entails an image being drawn onto a copper plate and then etched into the metal using acid. For Plate Distortions I, II and III, instead of drawing, Auerbach folded pieces of copper foil and then used those as the basis of the prints. […]
AM_Korin Faught - 01

Studio Visit: Korin Faught

This past weekend, AM had the privilege to visit Korin Faught’s studio as she prepares for the opening of her new solo show which will take place at the Corey Helford Gallery. Entitled Voices of the Lake, her latest artwork will focus on the theme of multiples as a way to explore issues of identity and self-reflection. Using photography and self portraits as a starting point for her artwork, Faught is able to give her paintings an aura of mystery and elusiveness. Equally important, her latest […]

Previews: José Parlá – “Character Gestures” @ OHWOW (LA)

José Parlá explores that delicate balance between creation and destruction. As if ancient relics recovered from some archeological dig, his paintings are like modern hieroglyphs each telling a story of a time and place, that of the here and now. While taking on a timeless feel, the protagonist in his tale has always been the city. Dynamic juxtapositions – roughness and fluidity, complexity and minimalism, harmony and chaos – illuminate the soul of his urban muse. With his first solo exhibition since Walls, Diaries, and […]

Videos: Scott Campbell – “That’s All Folks!” & “Prison Tattoo Gun”

Last seen outside his Brooklyn tattoo studio and rubbing elbows with the fine art world during the opening of Blankness is Not a Void (covered) at Marc Jancou Contemporary, showing alongside the venerable Raymond Pettibon, Scott Campbell has reverted to a more childlike forum, continuing his pyromaniacal tendencies with this new experimental video. Produced by Purple Fashion Magazine, the tattoo icon turned contemporary art mainstay pays homage to Looney Tunes with canon fuse and pipe bomb, perhaps working out the kinks for his next solo […]

Releases / Signings: “HEROES & VILLAINS” @ Launch LA

Tomorrow night (7-10pm), September 1st in Los Angeles at Launch LA, the HEROES & VILLAINS signing and release event will be the place to be. With at least 30 artists rumored to be on hand, this would be a perfect opportunity to get your book autographed. The beautiful glossy publication features photographic portraits by Tatiana Wills and Roman Cho of many of the artists you have grown to love on AM. Included are also in-depth interviews and an introductory essay by Amanda Erlanson. Also, an […]

Streets: “Transforming Beauty” by David Ellis, Maya Hayuk, Yuri Shimojo & SASU @ Sephora

In most parts of the modern world, before a new building or store opens up, a construction phase begins where a monotone barricade (Often tagged “post no bills”) is erected to shield passerby’s from the messiness. As you’ve often seen, street art is often placed there to combat the dreariness. Cosmetic retailer Sephora took the initiative to commission a special outdoor installation to occupy their exterior barricade. With the help of David Ellis, Maya Hayuk, Yuri Shimojo and SASU, Sephora created a live motion mural […]

Openings: James Jean REBUS Release & Signing @ LACMA

This past weekend, LACMA celebrated the release of the book, REBUS, by artist James Jean’s (featured). The event began with a discussion in which the LA-based artist went on to explain his background and career as an artist and Giant Robot founder Eric Nakamura (interviewed) was also on hand to expand on James’ work over the years as well as their shared histories. This session was followed by a book signing event in which people lined up and filled the room space to capacity. It […]

Teaser: Korin Faught – “Voices of the Lake” @ Corey Helford

Next Saturday night in Culver City, Voices of the Lake, a new body of work from Korin Faught, will open at Corey Helford Gallery. The fresh set of paintings from the LA-based artist look to explore the symmetry and different aspects of reflections and are all rendered in her signature vintage style. The first 500 guests who arrive to the exhibition will receive a free mini-giclee from Faught so for those interested, it opens at 7pm on September 3rd. We’ll have something more for you soon, […]