San Francisco-based artist Ryan De La Hoz brings a hometown show to Four Barrel in SF this week in the shape of Welcome To Your Doom. We like the title of the show, as De La Hoz has used it as a slogan before for a T-Shirt under his Cool Try clothing label. One such shirt proudly hangs in our  wardrobe.

Ryan’s work will appeal if you’re a fan of meticulous detail and clean lines. Using a mixture of media, he combines abstract patterns and repetition of heavily symbolic motifs within his painting, drawing, cut papers and collage to create dazzling multi layered compositions that leave us with his unique punked-up Op-Art.

The show will consist of 24 pieces including drawings, cut paper, textiles, and sculpture works. The opening reception is on Thursday October 4th, and the show runs until November 1st. One to catch if you are in the Bay Area. Non-locals can email [email protected] for prices and sales info directly.