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Streets: RETNA @ West Hollywood Library Project (Part I)

Drawing comparisons to his recent mural at the Pasadena Museum of California Art for the Street Cred exhibition (covered), RETNA (featured) lent his street calligraphy to an ambitious new project with Kenny Scharf and Shepard Fairey in Los Angeles. We’ll have more for you as Shep and Scharf get in the mix, but head over to the West Hollywood Library if you are interested in seeing some of these street legends in progress. More pics after the jump…

Streets / Contests: Anthony Lister (Los Angeles)

Last week, we ran a contest asking readers to guess which artist’s new posters (girl with purple mask) were hitting the streets of Los Angeles. As several astute fans were able to figure out, the person behind this new work is none other than Anthony Lister (interviewed), who will be in town for an event later this month. For those who guessed wrong or missed on on the last giveaway, don’t worry – just leave a comment here to get a chance to win some […]

Studio Visits: Jeremy Fish

With the last week of Jeremy Fish’s (featured) Listen and Learn exhibition (covered) coming to a close at Joshua Liner Gallery, we bring you an inside look at Mr. Fish’s San Francisco studios when we visited the artist earlier this year as he was getting ready for the show. Remember this is the last week, if you haven’t made a stop to catch this show, do so before it closes this Saturday. Check out the full set taken for us by Joe Russo after the jump.

Streets: Buff Monster (Los Angeles)

Just several days ago, LA-based and pink enthusiast Buff Monster (featured) re-visited a spot he hit up years ago above Hollywood Boulevard and pasted up an updated piece featuring his signature imagery. The busy artist who also recently patined up Bristol and London with wall murals will be showing along with Jeremyville at the Cotton Candy Machine starting on August 5th in New York. For now, check out more photos taken for us by Carlos Gonzalez after the jump…

Streets: Interesni Kazki – “Sisyphus” (Russia)

You may remember when we first introduced you to Ukranian street duo Interesni Kazki last year when we featured some of their work in Barcelona. Now, fast forward to this recent mural the two (AEC and Waone) painted in Ekaterinburg, Russia entitled Sisyphus, which references a character in Greek mythology except remixed with a modern twist. For those unfamiliar, King Sisyphus was the one punished by the gods with being forced to push an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back […]

Streets: Conor Harrington (Ireland) Part III

Cork’s most renowned street artist Conor Harrington (interviewed) continued to paint up his homeland with this third wall in a series of murals featuring his views on the “cowboy mentality” in Ireland and the wild west “cavalier bandit attitude” that in his opinion has gotten the country into trouble recently. This last one is in Ennis on the Glor Theatre but also make sure you check out the other two murals here and here. More photos after the jump…

Streets: Kenny Scharf (Philadelphia)

After collaborating with Liu Bolin in New York for the Chinese artist’s Hiding In New York series of works in front of his Bowery & Houston mural, street legend Kenny Scharf (interviewed) headed over to the City of Brotherly Love for his next project. Painting a crescendo of his creatures on the side of tall building, Scharf used his spray cans, scaffolding, and even an umbrella hat in completing this large Philly mural in just four days. More pics after the jump…

Overtime: July 4 – July 10

Inti throws off hats and shoes in Paris. A new wall from Rime, Askew, Deus, Vans, Score, Dabs & Myla, and Witnes. Shepard Fairey interview by Brooklyn Street Art (Huffington Post). My Love For You talks to ESPO on podcast. Stik will be releasing his Heritage Blue Plaques soon online. Street Cred museum show gets a write-up in ARTFORUM. A perfect match between Remi/Rough and Augustine Kofie. New walls from Hyuro, Fin DAC & Morten Andersen, Jaybo, and Escif. Escif also does the Macarena. Painter […]

Streets: London Instagram Roundup

The week started off well for AM with a new piece by street artist Mobstr making an appearance on Bethnel Green Road. This massive white pasteup can be seen from a distance, causing anyone who passes to stop in their tracks. Titled Visual Pollution, the letters have been cut out so the original advert can be seen through. Also, Burning Candy member Dscreet, painted a church with one of his well known owls over the top of an original mural of Jesus. Dscreet’s owl takes on […]

Streets: Andrew Hem (Los Angeles)

As Andrew Hem (interviewed) got ready for his show opening next weekend at LeBasse Projects in Culver City, he took time to throw up this mural in the neighborhood, Washington and National to be exact. This large piece featuring Andrew’s colorful characters seen in many of his paintings is in the same area where Herakut and Case worked on walls when they were in town (also arranged by Warren Brand). More photos by Carlos Gonzalez as he caught the mural when it neared completion after […]