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Streets: ROA (Copenhagen)

After recent visits by Shepard Fairey (covered) and COPE2 (covered), another artist heads over to make his mark in Copenhagen – ROA.  The Belgium-based artist was in town for the Galore Festival taking place in the the cultural zone of Toftegårds place in Valby. For his part, the prolific street artist decided to wrap what looks like a scaled serpent painted in his distinctive anatomic style around a tower. After this, he’ll probably be heading to Vienna soon for his solo opening there on the […]

Studio Visits: David Shillinglaw

Studio visits are probably the most enjoyable things that we get to do here at AM. A little time to talk with the artist about their work, and also a chance to soak up the environment in which the work is created. David Shillinglaw’s environment is a pretty special one. His North London home and studio is situated at the top of an old brick-built warehouse / factory building and the huge loft offers more work and play space than any of the studios than […]

Streets: Shepard Fairey, D*Face, and Logan Hicks for T&J Art Walk (Oslo) Part II

After mentioning Faile’s (featured) wall for the T&J Art Walk (and the fun they had with a ping pong table) earlier in the month in an Overtime article, we thought it was time for an update. The event in Oslo was put on in  support of the Human Rights Watch (HRW) and to allow memorial murals honoring the victims of the horrific terror attack of July 22. This will all culminate with an art show with proceeds to benefit the HRW (but you can also donate here). You can […]

Streets: See No Evil (Bristol) – Summary

After starting things off earlier this week with the Aryz piece for the See No Evil event in Bristol, we return with a summary of some of the work put up throughout the week. The ambitious event featured a long list of street art and graffiti artists including Nick Walker (interviewed) who made sure to represent his home city with a huge mural on one of the buildings lining Nelson Street. More pics after the jump…

Overtime: August 8 – August 14

US Postal Service to make an Edward Hopper painting (pictured above) into a stamp. Artist and film director David Lynch to release music album titled Crazy Clown Town. Julian Schnabel breaks up with journalist Rula Jebreal, girlfriend (and the woman whose story he adapted into a film) of four years. Rembrandt piece stolen from Marina Del Rey hotel.  Later, it is found in church. Art exhibit receives rite of reparations from an exorcist. Overheard at the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the Met. Hydra, Greece becoming […]

Streets: Interesni Kazki (Ibiza)

After featuring some of Interesni Kazki’s impressive surrealistic murals in Barcelona and Russia here on AM, we turn to their newest wall, this time in Ibiza. The Ukranian street duo were in town for Bloop Festival, an art event focusing on an interesting phenomenon – an extremely powerful underwater sound detected by the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) years ago with the source of the sound is still unknown. Another look at their Dali-esque interpretation after the jump…

Art Focus: Korehiko Hino

This week’s Art Focus features the haunting works of Korehiko Hino. The Japanese painter is known for his portraits of characters in trance-like states with large unblinking eyes often superimposed on vibrant backgrounds. When viewing his paintings, one can’t help looking into the mesmerizing and disturbing gaze of his subject, engaging in a staring contest that can’t be won. For those in Asia, you might be able to catch his work this weekend at AHAF SEOUL 2011 in Korea or next week at Art Taipei […]
New York

Streets: LUDO (Chicago / New York)

Ever since covertly blowing up the crispy clean streets of Zurich with even crispier artwork (covered) in preparation for his first major solo exhibition, La Belle Vie (covered), earlier this year, French street artist LUDO (interviewed) has for the most part been quietly resting, poised to strike at any moment. That moment has arrived, with a productive adventure in the US where he went coast to coast getting up in the three major cities. The signature green tinged, hand-drawn wheatpastes, smartly fusing the natural with […]

Street: Phlegm for Walk & Talk Festival (Azores)

Despite a time-consuming process of producing the recently released handmade and silkscreened Illuminated Alphabet zine, Phlegm continues to find time to put in work on the streets. This amazing new piece continues his fascination with aquatic vessels and was painted for the recent Walk & Talk Festival in Azores, Portugal and only took four days despite its massive size and detail. Among the other 30 artists making appearances on São Miguel island were Vhils, Interesni Kazki, and Escif. More pics after the jump via Unurth.

Streets: Anthony Lister Murals (Los Angeles) Part II

Continuing our summary of Anthony Lister’s (interviewed) murals while he was in Los Angeles (see the first set of walls here), we turn our attention to the last four locations. Including this photoset will be his work at the Ironlak store (above), De La Barracuda Part II, as well as spots in Melrose and Venice. His show at HVW8 came and went but the prolific Aussie definitely left his mark on the City of Angels while he was here. Photos after the jump by Carlos […]