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Showing / Streets: Hyuro – “Casual Anamolies” @ Starkart Gallery (Zurich)

On Friday, the street muralist Hyuro opened her show Casual Anamolies at the Starkart Gallery. The Spain-based artist who is originally from Buenos Aires as made a name for herself getting up all over the world, most recently in Norway for the ______ capitalism? event and Nuart Festival. For her first solo in Zurich, she tried to cast aside her old way of working to create a fresh new set of works, much of it conceptual, exploring intimate representations of the human condition, isolated in breathless […]

Overtime: Dec 5 – Dec 11

The hugely popular Leonardo da Vinci exhibition is making its way to the big screen. Picasso art thief who lifted artwork off of gallery and hotel walls pleads not guilty. Feds investigating forgeries in NY of supposed work by Pollock, Motherwell, & Diebenkorn. Rembrandt’s Old Man With A Beard deemed authentic using X-ray analysis. Jerry Saltz, on the current trend of relational aesthetics.  He also calls out Adam Lindemann on his apparent hypocrisy. Adam Lindemann responds to his critics. The Getty acquires Édouard Manet’s Portrait of […]
Gaia in London.

Streets: World Roundup (Dec 5 – Dec 11)

It’s the end of the week and again time for a summary of walls in our roundup. The beautiful piece you see above is from Aryz in Lisbon that was sponsored by the Montana Shop & Gallery. It appears that he also opened a small show there after just opening another show a couple weeks before in Spain (covered). Other murals after the jump include Gaia (London), Buff Monster & Lamour Supreme (Miami), Spidertag (Madrid), JAZ (Miami), Phlegm (UK), Cope2 (Miami), Otto Schade (London), Angry […]
-16- El bosque embalsamado -110 x 110 cm.- 2010

Art Focus: Jose Luis Carranza

The artist we have chosen to share with you for this week’s Art Focus is Jose Luis Carranza. The Peruvian figurative painter trained at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes del Peru where he received education on classical techniques and then moved on to Europe to further learn from studying works of the old European masters. His portraiture features a striking wide-eyed gaze, bold use of color, thick brushstrokes, and references to both biblical and Incan symbols. For those in Lima, he has a show opening soon at the Enlace […]

Videos: Liliwenn x ASM (A State of Mind) – “Splice the Mainbrace”

Liliwenn is a photorealistic street muralist from France (and founder of the Crimes of Mind project) whom we have featured briefly here on AM in the past. She recently collaborated with ASM (A State of Mind) on their entertaining new music video for Splice the Mainbrace, where she is featured as a street artist on the run from the law. Check it all out above.

Basel Week Miami ’11 / Streets: ROA

Other than the collaboration with Eine, the ever hustling ROA also found time for other projects while in town for Art Basel Week (like the wall you see above). We are always fascinated by the ways the Belgium-based street painter works in unique architectural quirks into his milieu of anatomized animal murals. This piece above is no different with this marine friend of his chopped in half by a wall element with some copious drips emphasizing the point. More detailed photos after the jump…

Basel Week Miami ’11 / Streets: RISK

Not content to let his MSK brothers (RETNA, RIME) have all the fun, the LA-based RISK also made the trip to Miami for Art Basel Week. Using his unique skills over several days, the influential writer got up this abstract and multicolored gem for his fans in South Florida to enjoy. Thankfully, photographer Koshin Finley was on hand to document everything with his lens. More photos after the jump…

Basel Week Miami ’11 / Streets: RIME

Not only were the street artists active in Miami for Art Basel Week, the writers were out in full force as well. Take a look at this sweet new wall from Jersey Joe aka RIME, whose indoor work we last saw in Los Angeles in August. This piece above was painted in the Wynwood Arts District and spans almost a block. More photos after the jump from Head8K.
Culo Diddy Mazzucco Chow AM 01

Basel Week Miami ’11: Diddy x Valmorbida CULO Party @ Mr. Chow

As you know Basel Miami lives for art in the day and runs on parties all night. Arguably the hottest party on South Beach during Basel Week was the CULO book party held by Sean “P Diddy” Combs and Valmorbida. A veritable who’s who list attended the event at the Mr. Chow restaurant where  Will Smith, Damien Hirst, Russell Simmons, Chris Bosh, Naomi Campbell, Adrien Brody, Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, RETNA, Brett Ratner, Chris Bosh, Paris & Nikki Hilton just to name a few. The event […]

Streets: Sego (Mid-City Arts) Los Angeles

Recently, Mexican-born graffiti artist Sego arrived in Los Angeles and painted a mural on the back of the Mid City Arts complex. Having arrived from Miami where he was part of the Wynwood Walls project, Sego wasted no time during his time in L.A. with this large scale rendering of a creature which feels both organic and fantastical. Utilizing a color palette and style that has subtle roots in Mexican art, Sego is making strides in trying to bring attention to the growing and often […]