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Streets: World Roundup (Jan 2 – Jan 8)

We have another diverse mix of artists from all around the world for this week’s street roundup. Starting off, check out this collaboration between Bom-K of Da Mental Vaporz & Liliwenn in Ris Orangis, France entitled Trouble Jeu. You can see more of the intricate details here if interested. Other walls that caught our eyes include Stik (UK), C215 (France), Cranio (Brazil), Zeh Palito (South Korea), Voina (Atlanta), Cere (Spain), Liqen (Oaxaca), Pixel Pancho (Spain), and Sat One. Photos after the jump…

Art Focus: Virginia Wagner

This weekend, we present Virginia Wagner’s luminous paintings for your consideration as our Art Focus. The Brooklyn-based artist is inspired by her childhood experiences with her entomologist father and mythology with her palette influenced by the landscapes of Iceland and the Northern lights. Coming up, work will be featured in the first installment of Paula Gately Tillman’s Canterbury Salon Series – Sleeping Beauties. More of her work after the jump…

Videos / Basel Week Miami ’11: Risk – “Beautifully Destroyed”

While he is currently working on a yet to be completed mural in Los Angeles (covered), Risk did recently complete a wall in Miami (as you can see in the photos here). Entitled Beautifully Destroyed, the piece that was created during Art Basel Week features the MSK/AWR affiliated writer’s signature geometric forms as well as his color washes & drips. Koshin Finley has all the footage on video above, but you can check it ou in person if you are in the area (Grand Central @ 697 N […]

Streets: ESPO – “Train To Always” (Brooklyn)

The prolific Steve “ESPO” Powers, who recently gifted NYC with a re-showing of the work from part of the Art In The Streets show (covered), has also posted up a photo of a mural from a corner of Brooklyn. The clever wall, Train To Always, features a mock map of train stations like “So So”, “Maybe”, “We’ll See”, and of course “Always”, among many others. Via The World’s Best Ever. Discuss ESPO here.

Streets: World Roundup (Dec 26 – Jan 1)

For our summary of the street murals for the last week of 2011, we turn our attention to the work of Mentalgassi for a project with Amnesty International. You may remember last year when the German street collective brought attention to the plight of Troy Davis with a similar lenticular street piece. Well, this year they have expanded the series to include six individuals who have suffered human rights abuses placed in 26 locations across 6 European cities. A plaque on each site alerts passers-by […]

Streets: El Mac (Los Angeles)

Nearly two weeks ago, artist El Mac painted a new mural atop a busy West Hollywood building. Interestingly enough, hardly anyone noticed that it was taking place. That’s because this most recent work by the artist has been kept under wraps for this last part of the month. The mural will be unveiled alongside an L.A. Times Magazine article which focuses on the writings of Connie Rice, a civil rights attorney, activist, and relative of Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Her likeness is […]

Art Focus: Michael Peck

To ring in the new year, we bring you the oil on linen paintings of Michael Peck in this week’s Art Focus. We will concentrate on a body of work that he recently showed at the Metro Gallery in Australia that featured a look at World War II through the eyes of innocent children, a personal metaphor as the showing explored the Melbourne based artist’s own relationships with his two grandfathers (both passed away last year) who both served in the Second World War. More […]

Streets: Vhils (Berlin)

It looks like Vhils (filmed) has recently stopped by Berlin and left one of his signature wall etchings behind. Perhaps this was created while he was in town for the release of the Walls & Frames book launch party. We especially like the intriguing inclusion of the Eye of Providence which appears on the United States one-dollar bill as Angela Merkel’s 3rd eye. Discuss Vhils here.

Basel Week Miami ’11: Nick Walker @ Corey Helford (SCOPE)

Delving further into Corey Helford Gallery’s booth at the SCOPE Art Fair, we now focus on some work from Bristol artist Nick Walker (interviewed). Definitely making his presence felt as he showcased a diverse mix of new paintings, he included a new addition to the TMA (The Morning After) series with the city of Miami along with his signature character making a stop at the Eiffel Tower. Thought the “Vandal” would take a holiday break after hitting Hong Kong, but we guessed wrong… More after the jump.
Scope Cooper Cole Jen Stark AM 01

Basel Week Miami ’11: Cooper Cole Gallery @ Scope

During Scope art fair we got a chance to catch up with Toronto’s Cooper Cole Gallery. Hosting a solid array of names familiar to readers of AM, the gallery presented great pieces from artists such as Cleon Peterson, Jesse Harris, Maya Hayuk, Ryan Wallace and Steve Powers. We were particularly taken with the always colorful and imaginative pieces by Jen Stark. Who has always had the viewer in mind when she creates her interactive works of art.