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Fame Fest ’12: Vhils, Momo, Cyop & Kaf, Moneyless

After bringing you opening photos from this year’s group show for the Fame Festival as well as most of the notable associated murals, it’s now time to summarize some of the rest of the public art that caught our eye this year.  This includes new pieces from a diverse group of artists from around the world like Vhils (above), Momo, Cyop & Kaf, and Moneyless. Enjoy the photo set below… Photo credit: Henrik Haven. Discuss Fame Festival here.
David Ellis Truck AM 16

Streets: David Ellis – Mobile Arts (NYC)

We recently caught up with New York artist David Ellis as he completed a mobile arts project. The Barnstormer and Pulse prize winner took two white freight trucks and transformed them in wild Ellis fashion. Giving them color and life, Ellis worked all facets of the exterior in the diverse styles we’ve become accustomed to seeing from him. Keep your eyes peeled if you’re ever in New York and you may catch one of these beasts prowling through the streets. Discuss David Ellis here.

Streets: Roid & SatOne (London)

After pointing out a great collaboration recently from REVOK and RIME in Detroit, we now bring your attention to another joint mural – this time from Roid and SatOne in London where the Munich-based artist was in town participating in the Futurism 2.0 show (also see the Joker, Shok-1 and Remi Rough wall). With EndoftheLine for providing the wallspace, SatOne brought his distinctive style and combined it nicely with local star Roid’s mastery of geometric forms… Via Graffuturism. Discuss SatOne here.
Barry Moore BAM Brooklyn Mural AM 01

Streets: Barry McGee – Brooklyn (Part II)

We recently gave you a first look at Barry McGee mural that was in progress at Brooklyn’s Mark Morris Dance Group. Now, the mural which incorporates the Bay Area legend’s classic portrait heads and geometric designs has been completed. With the assistance from Colossal Media, the eight story high mural took about a week to finish. Seen from the local streets, this well using Twist’s signature cluster panel paintings was a sight to behold. Check out the details below…. Discuss Barry McGee here.

Streets: REVOK x RIME (Detroit)

Featuring two graf legends who have mastered a aesthetic of their own, this recent collaboration from REVOK and RIME really hit the spot. Entitled A MAN’s THREAT & A WOMAN’s PET, the mural combined many elements from the two MSK brothers’ work including the figurative stylings of Jersey Joe and the strength of lettering from REVOK. Check out all the sick details of this complex and layered piece below… Photo via The Seventh Letter & REVOK. Discuss REVOK here. Discuss RIME here.

Streets: Trustocorp (Los Angeles)

Street collective Trustocorp recently unleashed a new bus stop campaign in their usual tongue-in-cheek manner. The urban interventions were installed at various benches up and down Los Angeles, even with one that mirrored the imagery of the piece they put in our Beverly Hills group show, City of Fire, a while back. Take a look at more work in the photos below… Discuss Trustocorp here.

Streets: Blu (Rome)

After painting a brilliant mural in Spain for the DesOrdes Creativas Festival back in July, Italian street savant Blu has surfaced in Rome with another detailed wall. This piece seen at greyhound track, under Ponte Marconi features renderings of classic roman sculptures but updated with a modern twist – religious figures, politicians, the KKK, and even the couch potato make an appearance.  Check out more details in the photos below… Via StreetArtNews. Discuss Blu here.

Streets: DesOrdes Creativas (Part III) – Liqen

After heavy hitters like the Italians Blu & Ericailcane did their thing at the DesOrdes Creativas Festival in Spain, Mexico’s finest Liqen has traveled to the town of Ordes to make his own mark. Seemingly taking a page from the political and figurative work of Blu, Liqen has painted a beautifully rendered mural of  a giant hand with a Shell logo ring sweeping their dirty laundry under the “rug.” Check the details below… Discuss Liqen here.
MadC Dino Wall

Streets: MadC – “Jurassic Park Wall” (Germany)

Fans of street art who happen to be movie buffs as well might want to check out the work of MadC. This new mural (46 x 20 feet) in Germany is her interpretation of Jurassic Park chock full of dinosaurs, prehistoric imagery, a superimposed urban environment, and thrown in for good measure some graffiti. She describes the new wall with this phrase from one of the characters from the films  - Dr. Ian Malcolm – “once we are extinct, life will find a way.” If interested, […]
AM SABER SKY Tagging 0

Streets: SABER – “Skytagging” (New York)

Earlier this morning, we gave you a heads up about SABER (interviewed) taking to the skies of New York CIty. Later at approximately 1:30pm he launched his aerial assault on the Big Apple. Utilizing five jets in precision formation, Saber again stated his mind and tagged the atmosphere with his words. Similar to his drop in Los Angeles, there were shout outs to Art Work Rebels (AWR) and Mad Society Kings (MSK), but this time the socially conscious writer used his own money and time to […]