While many street artists are looking for more exotic destinations to create their works in, Escif recently took an intra-country trip from Valencia to Girona in order to visit neighborhood of Gypsies – Font de la Polvora. In his signature style, the artist used this short trip to pay tribute to the locals that live here and their every day life routines and struggles.

Font de la Polvora was built in the 60s as a ghetto separated from the historic center with a small mountain. With a single access through a bridge, the place quickly started deteriorating and is now best known for drugs, crime or marginalization. Seen through the eyes of an artist that appreciates little gems of every day life, tradition and identity, as well as lively street life & culture, the local scene inspired the Spanish artist to create several pieces in the area.

Commenting on the relationship between the poor Gypsy kids in the area and the rich kids from the city, he painted a small mural showing pastries from a local bakery. Being one of only three business in the area, the bakery is the meeting point of mothers and children where these kids are eat the same sugar, the same preservatives, the same flavorings as the kids from the other side of the mountain. The other pieces are reference the huge drug problem that the younger generations are facing there (Citrus Acid), the tight ties between families and family members (Family Constellations), and the local’s love for robin birds or horses.

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