During the first day at Jeff Soto’s studio, the artists kicked off the ART JAM. What is this “Art Jam” we speak of? Imagine a large blank canvas that Baby Tattooville artists will feverishly work on over the course of 26 hours with each artist improvising and implementing their unique style around the clock to create a collaborative painting. With so many proverbial “chefs in the kitchen,” this could either be an artistic nightmare or masterpiece. With over 15 artists working on one canvas, it gives little room for error.

Things got off to a quick start at Jeff’s studio with Amy Sol being the brave artist to take the first strokes and set the tone for Jeff Soto to paint with a “blow dryer” (Seriously). Joe Ledbetter added his signature rabbit. Ana Bagayan and Brandi Milne soon joined in with the creation of a grey goose and chicklets… that was just in the first two hours! AM set off to document this tremendous effort from “Cradle to Grave” (Friday 6:30pm – Sunday 10:30am).

Check out the pictures of the entire extraordinary process after the jump.

– After Jeff Soto’s studio session, the artists and audience moved back to base camp at the Ho-O-Kan room at the Mission Inn to work on the painting well into the early morning. Shag, Glenn Barr, Daniel Peacock and Bob Dob started first once the canvas was transported back to the resort with Brandi and Jeff taking up the morning shift.

– The next day awoke to find a practically brand new canvas to work off of. Dave Cooper and Glenn Barr went at it in the morning.

– After lunch, Michael Whelan and Joe Ledbetter started chipping away. Guest artists Lola, Luke Cheuh, Nathan Spoor and Thomas Han stopped by for a little action as well.

– During the Riverside Art Museum reception, Amy Sol made a surprise “drive-by” and after dinner, it was GO-TIME as Bob Self reminded the artists that the absolute cut-off time was 10:30 pm. The deadline would give barely enough time for the crew at Paper or Plastik to work their magic and create 85 stunning canvases and 10 wood prints in less than 12 hours!

– At brunch, Bob Self presented the final product… a finalize hand signed print created as a gift to all the attendees of Baby Tattooville!

Much thanks to Andrea Bricco the resident photographer at Baby Tattooville for providing us with these detailed pictures!