After coming back from Jeff Soto’s studio after dinner. The attendees and the artists came back to the resort and got a very special treat. An authentic “life drawing” session was awaiting… not only for the participants, but also for the artists to experience.

This session took us back to an art school 101 tradition… study of the “natural” human form. Yes, a fully nude female to model and hold seductive poses for 20 mins at a time. As part of the real art experience, everyone was encourage to pick up sketch pads and participate. Imagine doing jumping jacks next to Kobe Bryant or miming with Leonardo Di Caprio! Its back to the basics for everyone in attendance!

AM rolled up the sleeves and picked up a pencil to sketch next to legendary artists such Glenn Barr, Shag, Amy Sol, Tim Biskup, Ana Bagayan, Brandi Milne, Bob Dob, Dave Cooper, Daniel Peacock,  Jeff Soto, Grizz; and more.

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Joe Ledbedder coyly stated “I haven’t done something like this in 15 years.”

Some participants caught their favorite artists in between life sessions to request drawings. Artists were more that willing to take some time and give back to their fans with beautiful sketches.

As intended by Bob Self and the coordinators of Baby Tattooville, this hands-on interactive experience was a true fusion of artist and fans mingling, drawing, and drinking into the wee hours of the morning.

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