Today, Jose Parla officially opens his show at Elms Lester. AM has obtained an early look for you with photos from the preview (thanks to our friend Michael).

To say that Parla’s signature calligraphic style has developed a strong following is an understatement. This artistic phenomenon is currently in the middle of a multi-country world tour, selling out shows at every stop, and his show in London was no exception. The entire show at Elms Lester – comprised of pieces that cost up to 225K GBP (>400K USD) each – was completely “red-dotted” before the doors even opened.

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Seeing the layers of stories that he builds into his creations is just part of the draw for fans. Parla’s graceful strokes are a testament to his aesthetic story-telling. Every piece seems to express a different view point and emotion. So dedicated is Jose, that he actually flew to the UK a month early to absorb and paint the city of Fog. And the result? A tremendous body of work. See for yourself.

Again thanks to Michael for his images.