Rounding up AM‘s whirlwind gallery tour of LA last weekend was Copronason’s show of Kukula, Tin, and Sas Christian. The Santa Monica gallery was busy with three appealing artists at its opening this past Saturday. As usual, Sas Christian presented a quality, not quantity body of work. It was great to see her alluring works in person; those eyes are bigger than life! Kukula’s body of work looked even better in person than the images which we previewed last week. If you already had a painting or drawing of Kukula’s, perhaps you’ll want to pick up the new mini suitcase and some Kukula necklaces. Tin was a treat to see in person. His soft blacks and grays blend together to form beautiful uhh…. women… and like the two ladies mentioned above, his works are even more stunning in person! Tin’s a definite rising star in the scene today and this show is a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of his latest works in person. Check out our recent interview with him here! This show runs until November 29th.

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