Judging from an early look at Kukula’s body of work for her upcoming show at Copronason, perhaps we will be seeing more of the softer side from her (which we first noticed in her works for her last solo at Thinkspace). Gone are the carved out organs, gimp suits, and tortured stuffed animals… Sounds like her work was quite morbid in the past…maybe it was, but if you have ever seen it in person, you would agree that no matter the subject material, she has a rather feminine, even tender feel to her paintings. The piece you see here as well as the ones after the jump feature the usual blythe doll-like girls interacting with swans, deer, and flowers in forest clearings.  The mood is definitely still somber, that much has not changed.  We look forward to her show opening on November 8th that will run concurrently with exhibits by Tin & Sas Christian.  Don’t miss all this talent all together on one night!

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