A young artist whose work we admire, South African born artist Candice Tripp, will be opening her show “Home Is Where The Telly Is” with Lazarides this Thursday.  Although her work is not like the typical from Laz’s stable of street artists, her solo show starts on November 13th at the Newcastle location.   She was kind enough to send us some preview images for our readers as well as answer some questions after the jump…

Arrested Motion (AM): Quite enjoyed the “about statement” on your website. Anything more you can tell us about yourself and your work?

Candice Tripp (CT): I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’d never want anyone to think I take myself too seriously. Before I was painting, I’d sometimes find it off-putting when artists would talk about particular pieces of their work. I think it can take something away from a piece of art; to see that there’s a masturbatory 2-page explanation to a painting you simply “like” or “don’t like”. Very generally, I like my paintings to contain part of a narrative. If the finished product makes people wonder about the grey area that is “before and after”, I’m happy.

AM: We love the combination of realistic and loose elements in your work. Can you tell us a little more about that?

CT: Personally, I don’t feel very enthralled by one or the other if they’re not combined elements. I think my work would leave a lot to desire if I tried to come down on one side of the fence. There have been plenty of times that I’ve not managed to get the balance right, which has rendered my attic Canvas Purgatory.

AM: How did you get involved with Lazarides, a gallery typically exhibiting street art?

CT: I was really lucky. When I had my first show (at Electrik Sheep in Newcastle upon Tyne), the right person bought some work and showed it to Steve Lazarides. 7 months later, he let me take part in a group show. It was incredibly daunting. I’d never felt very confident about my work; I first started painting so I’d have something to apply for university with. It was all the more confusing as I wasn’t a street artist. I suppose Micallef isn’t either, though he is god-like.

AM: Is there a theme or message you are trying to get across to your audience with this show?

CT: Not at all. As much as I like shows that are held together under a common theme or title, I don’t seem to be capable of spreading an idea over more than one canvas. The show title “Home is where the telly is” really just mocks my own frame of mind. I’ve been moving almost constantly for the last 11 years. And not by choice. While I love living in England and never plan to leave, there are constant little reminders that I grew up watching different TV shows, studying different history, playing different games. At the same time, the family home I grew up in Cape Town has strangers living in it. Most of the friends I had have left. When I’m on the phone to my dad, I’ll not always remember the meaning of the South African slang he uses. It’s awkward and I feel ever so slightly alien to both places

AM: Can you share with us any show or projects you are working on in the coming year?

CT: My soon to be current show will run until January 31st, 2009 at Lazarides Newcastle. In February, three of my pieces will be going into the Stoke Museum as part of a private collection of work. I’ll also hopefully be heading out to LA at some stage, but whether that is 2009 or 2010 is undecided.

AM: Well, good luck with your show and thanks for your time. We look forward to following some of the projects you have mentioned in the future. There are some prints available for this show seen below.

‘Still Rocking’ – Signed and numbered Giclee Edition of 25, 76cm x 61cm, on 315 gsm Innova Smooth Natural Cotton White, £175 +VAT.

Do You Think Your Mom Will Notice?’ – Signed and numbered 2 colour hand-pulled screen print Edition of 45, 54.5cm x 54.5cm, on 300 gsm Somerset Velvet, £150 +VAT. Each copy of this print will also have the title lettering applied by hand.

Take a look at some closeups of the preview images as well as a peak inside her studio in the gallery below.  Also please stop by Lazarides (Newcastle) for Candice’s show tomorrow.

77 Quayside,
Newcastle Upon Tyne,
Phone: +44 (0)191 221 2560

Photos via Jamie from Thought (designer of her new website).
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