Mark Ryden teamed up recently with MOCA to release a limited edition silkscreen print entitled “Silence.” The print measures 28 x 22 inches and is a signed and numbered edition of 50 with 10 Artist proofs. “Meticulously crafted, printed on finely handmade paper from Bhutan, and carefully dyed and aged, the work is completed by two embossings created in the final process—a beautifully hand-sculpted bee and the printer’s chops into the corners.”

The print will put you back about $6000 and supposedly only about 20 left. Produced especially for MOCA, this wonderful artwork is a near perfect reproduction of an original Ryden painting. All proceeds will benefit the MOCA which will be very welcome in these hard times with all the talk of MOCA being in trouble financially.

Via Sourharvest
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