Got an email this morning from Mindstyle about the release of Ron English’s Abraham Obama Bust. Along with Shepard Fairey’s work, the Obama x Abraham Lincoln remix by English would probably be one of the top two most iconic Obama images out there. There will be multiple colorways released with each one limited to 50. More info after the jump.

For those who may have been hibernating, seen below is the Ron English Abraham Obama painting that the bust is based on.  These 16″ vinyl busts were sculpted by Vin Teng and will be priced at $200. More info in the press release below:

What started as a series of large posters, pasted on the construction siding of a building in Boston’s South End, along the Thayer Street alleyway and facing the galleries at 450 Harrison quickly made world news. The piece was commissioned by William Kerr of Gallery XIV, in conjunction with the exhibition “a politic”. Kerr and English obtained permission to hang the piece on the wall.

Here are some other colorways. Contact Mindstyle for any additional information regarding the release of this bust.

Colorway image via toysrevil.
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