Last night, Shepard Fairey premiered his newest image for Barack Obama entitled “VOTE”. How fitting that he unveiled this new image in the nation’s capital. Adding to his already iconic creations of Obama: Progress, Hope, and Change, Shepard stated that he wanted this piece to convey the energy and attitude of Obama in contrast to his opponent. No word yet on whether or not he will make this into a print, but we will keep you in the loop.

After the first night of “legitimate” time-consuming design and implementation of several beautiful murals in DC, Shepard decided it was time to get “down and dirty” by returning back to Obey’s roots of code-words and sniping empty buildings incognito. By the early morning, some of DC’s most notable spots were visited by Andre and his Posse. AM brings you the other side of urban art/guerrilla street campaigning.

All the pictures of the entire night after the jump!